Thursday, December 18, 2008


I want to thank the few who were able to contribute to our family fund charity. I know times are tough for everyone, but if you can please help us in anyway, you have NO IDEA how much you'd be helping a family in need. As little as $5.00 can help- as if 10 people contributed $5.00, adds up to $50.00! You can read more below, on our plight. I guess I just felt the need to reach out once more and ask for ANY contributions at all. You can do so via PayPal at
And maybe if you are so inclined, just maybe you could pass the word along via your blog, email, smoke signals to your friends, whatever. (still tryin to keep my sense of humor)
You can also email me there as well. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH AND GOD BLESS YOU!
Hoping and Praying for a Christmas Miracle....bluejude

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sweet Charity

Well, they declined us on the state mortgage assistance program. And just so there's no mistaking it, they capitalize, underline and put it in bold letters You have been DECLINED.
Wonderful. So, though I know the Christmas season is upon us, and the economy is tough on everyone, I am asking that if you would like to help a family in need this season, please choose us.
Any contribution at all is of great help. As little as $5.00 can go toward gas (I'm currently very close to E- in more ways than one) can help pay for toothpaste or Scooby Doo Vitamins to help keep the germs at bay for the little guy. (Food stamps does not cover any non edible items and it's amazing how much toothpaste, and toilet paper a family of five can go through!)
Hub has still not found ANY work. And so I am resorting to this. At this point, I'm not even that concerned about Christmas, more worried about covering the neccesities of everyday life.
So if you feel so inclined to help us out, you can contribute to our family fund, via PayPal to
Or you can check out my eytsy shops for your Christmas list. ArtnJoy, Attic Joys, and LostnFound Joys all have links to the right.
Keep us in prayer, and GOD BLESS those of you who can help.
Still walking in faith...hope everyone is doing well. BlueJude Winter Hugs to all. THANK YOU.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tossed Salad Days

Yes, well, I'm still here...for those who are interested. Which I suppose is not many...considering my absence from blogging world and the art arena in general. Though that's quite okay. We all go through life in it's different stages and phases. Passsing ships...full moons alight only to be covered by passsing clouds- leaving nothing but darkness. But only for a while. The ebb and flow.
Right now, life is like these like little shakers. A little oil and a little vinegar...depending on the day.
And with each day, I somehow...try to balance the two and not let it leave me with a bad taste in my mouth. Yes, like a yummy tossed salad. Most times. Sometimes.
So in the mix these days, is a new part time job scanning beverage ads for a data company, five hours a day, five days a week, and for minimum wage. But hey...I'm not complaining. It's a job...more than we had, AND I can wear jeans, the women are nice, and it's a short drive- so no excessive gas money. I get a fifteen minute break for lunch, and to satisfy my nicotine habit (yes yes...I know it's a BAD habit) and that's where the vinegar comes in! Fifteen minutes is not much time. But then's not like I'm doing fine dining here either.
I still have my PT sales job, tho as I mentioned that is very slow because of the economy. And yes I am still selling what I can on etsy. Yup, it's a tossed salad of jobs and income, but it's something.
The hub is STILL looking for work. In the meantime, we were blessed with food stamps and with the help of a local food bank, we almost squeeze by each month. I have learned more about economizing and stretching than I ever thought possible.
Oh and we got a wee bit toward our heating bill! YAY for heat! That's what I'll say come January. In fact, I'm saying it now!
However, it sure makes me happy for all those times I gave my change to the Salvation Army Santa Clauses when I was growing up in NYC and they seemed to be everywhere. So, please remember to throw your change in the bucket when you hear that bell ringing, as one day it could be you. Funny, you never think of it that way, at the time. At least I didn't.
The kids are all healthy, except of course for the occasional seasonal, cold allergy thing. Unfortunately, the dog got sick and we found out (after a $300.00 vet bill that we have to pay off) that he has diabetes! Poor dog! He's a great family dog, loyal and true and a great protector.
So he needs two shots of insulin a day. But he's still our great dog! So you see, oil and vinegar.
Got the dog, just need the insulin.
We couldn't afford our phone bill anymore, but managed to switch to Vonage before they shut off our service. SO we still have a phone. Important..when you have three kids. Funny thing is, I was gonna call school tomorrow with the new number...and wouldn't ya know it! Two of my kids got sick at school today and they had to track us down to pick them up! I myself came home sick from work, as I think I caught the hubs stomach bug, that he had all day yesterday. Even though I scrubbed, cleaned and disenfected! All in a tossed salad day.
And while I was at it, I washed the lines. Or ta least I tried to. Until the knob of the washing machine came off in my hand! Hmmm...easy enough..I'll just screw right back on! no...noo....that would have been too easy. But it wasn't all vinegar. After some prodding, nudging and thinking, I got it to work wth a plyers. Who needs a knob! YAY clean clothes for the week and clean linens!
Thankfully, the brakes in my car are still good...though they were groaning a couple of weeks ago. Who could blame them? The hubs car however needs a new alternator. (I don't even know what that is, mind you) But, thats okay. We have good friends willing to do the labor for nothing and just need to pay for the part. SO we're just waiting on that winning lotto ticket for that one! Yup...tossed salad days. Little oil...little vinegar.
As for art. Well, I still have no inclination,motivation and pretty much feel like throwing my supplies out the window. Some days I silly were you you? Playing with paints and paper...thinking you are ANY kind of artist at all? An artist would still be producing art! Which I'm not.
The truth is, I'm cold (literally), tired, drained, I have a swollen gland in my throat that has been there for weeks and I think is some foreign alien mass. I have nights that I wake up terrrifed, thinking of what will happen to my family, my wonderful children. I think of times, when I never had to feel this way. I have days that I literally have to peel and talk myself out of bed because I feel too defeated and like I just can't face the world anymore...there's just too much life and not enough me. How odd it is...that it actually seems easier to get oneself out of bed for work, when one isn't all consumed about how much they ACTUALLY NEED that minimum wage. When one isn't consumed with gloom about their future. Geez, you'd think it was the other way around. YOu would think that would be your motivation. Instead of wanting to hide under the covers.
BUT then I remember to think of EVERYTHING I do have. I say my prayers of Thanks and Forgiveness and ask for many more Blessings to come. AND I remember that I have to go on.
That there HAS TO BE light at the end of the tunnel. That God is watching over us and HAS NEVER LET ME DOWN.
AND The good news is...we still have our house and are waiting on our app. for mortgage assistance. We have food to eat and clothes to wear. We have each other. And most days...I have HOPE that things will turn around. HOPE and FAITH can cause miracles to grow. Even in the bleakest of days and the coldest of soils. You can still have a yummy tossed salad!
Cheers all- here's to salad...and oil and vinegar days! Hope to catch up with you this week and get creatively inspired. Maybe it'll help me throw something artistic in the mix!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Still Here...Monkeying Around

No, I haven't fallen off the earth, or blog land for that matter...just busy with life and the new shops and scrambling about trying to mke money. (sigh)
I have taken a peek here and there, at what my blogging friend have been up to.
Just been remaining in the shadows. Ooo how weird does that sound? (:
Been loving the Autumn season here in PA., just wish the leaves wouldn't fall so quickly.
Oh and the monkey potcard above...well, that's just one of a GREAT series of vintage postcards available at the Attic Joys Shop on etsy here:
For all of you who are looking for some great images to monkey around with!
Have a great creative weekend and enjoy the season while it lasts!
BlueJude Hugs!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Lost n Found

So the new shop Attic Joys seems to be chugging along nicely. Though of course my favorite best stuff gets scooped up right away. But I'll tip you off - I've been saving these WONDERFUL UNIQUE CARDS - lets just call them "Parts" for now....(yes, I must keep the suspense)...anyhoo, they are PERFECT for mixed media/collage be on the lookout, as they WILL go up over the next 5 days or so.
Meantime, I opened a second shop called LostnFound Joys to sell off some other vintage treasures that does not fit in the ephemera category. Above is just a peek at what you can find there. There is much more. And some very cute, unique stuff for the little ones in your life!
You'll have to take a peek and see for yourself! (:
AND today, in celebration of October 1st & the Fall Season I have taken $1.00 off each item!
As for creating, I have done about 2 journal pages and thats it. Obviously been busy with the shops, looking for more employment and kids and life in general.
I also have a meeting tomorrow with a Home Mortgage Assistance Program (for which today I have to put a short novel of my life together) so keep your little fingers crossed and say your little prayers. (:
OK now go take a peek at LostnFound Joys on etsy here:

Friday, September 26, 2008


OK so I'm shamelessly promoting here. BUT I just added a bunch of new fun ephemera to teh Attic Joys Shop on etsy. Lovely Vintage Bridge Tally Cards, Fun Postcards, Cabinet Photos and more to add to your stash of mixed media collage supplies. So hurry...go take look! OH and have a great, creative weekend! Big bluejude hugs!

Monday, September 22, 2008


This is the name of my new shop on etsy, where you can find vintage photos, cabinet card, vintage postcards, etc. I have been uploading stuff little by little, so be sure to check back on the ever growing collection!
You can find the link to the right.
I have some really great funky and unique postcards that I hate to part with, but I'm hoping it will help us to stay afloat for a while.
Unforunately there seemed to be some glitches in the search categories on etsy and my listings were not showing up - eeekk!
Murphy's law in action once again?
Thank you all for your blessings, prayers, good thoughts, and fond wishes.
We were able to get some partial food stamps to help with the grocery bill, so at least that's something.
OH and my sweet, lovely daughter turned 16 yesterday. Sometimes you wish you could just capture them in a little snowglobe when they're small and keep them that way forever. But I am very proud of the person she is growing into, kind, creative and strong, always able to make me laugh - the light of my life, as are the other two.
Of course she had a social whirl of a weekend, so we will have a little cupcake celebration tonight. Happy Birthday darlin'!
OK, go check out my shop and tell me what you think! I'm open to all critique and suggestions.
Monday Hugs To All!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Staying Positive

"Happiness" D. Altaville c.2008
Thought I'd post something a little more uplifting since my prior posts seems to have scared off my blogging buddies! (:
Besides, I'm trying to keep positive vibes. Even though I now have a bronchial infection and my computer is acting wiggy.
NOW where is everybody...hmmmm?
Happy Weekend all wherever you are!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Hangin In There...

"Deadly Mystery" by Darcy Altaville
This is the first journal page I have done in a very long time. Not my finest work, but pretty much makes a statement about how I'm feeling about our state of affairs around here. You can read the post below for more details on that.
It surely is a mystery to me how we will get through it all, but God works in mysterious ways too, and I am keepin the faith that He will keep His lovin hand upon this family and see us through, comin out on top.
It's the only thing that gets me through the day. That and a cuddle and a giggle from the little guy and joshin around with my banshee teens, and of course a good ole hubby hug.
Thank You to my two blogging buddies who have stopped by my etsy shop to make a purchase.
Beleive me...every LITTLE BIT helps at this point.
We are down to the wire!!
Anyone who can find it in their hearts to make a small donation to help out the family fund can do so via PayPal to
Thank you so much!!
Have a blessed and creative weekend all!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Desperate But Still Here

I miss blogging and speaking with you all. However, the summer was spent mostly hanging around and being busy with the kids, especially the little guy who is a handful but so adorable. As you know they are the light of my life. So there wasn't much time for blogging. Nor was I in the mood much for blogging with the way things are going.
You see, our finacial situation is absolutely DIRE right now and we are trying to stay one step ahead of foreclosure. My hubby has been fortuante enough to get a bit of work here and there with local laborers and I still have my Sales job though I couldn't work it much over the summer and the income just is not enough.
Believe me, we have looked for more work and continue to do so. I tried getting public assistance, but was turned down. I don't understand teh system at all! Last year they gave us emergency food stmaps and now this year they are ssaying we are not applicable. Our income is less now then it was last year! Go figure.
And of course our heat and electric and water has gone up, like everything else. SO I'm doing a lot of praying, especially that we make it through the winter. Some heat is a neccesity after all. (:
As is food and water.
Funny, we're not materialistic people, and we're basically good people, with three great kind kids. And I'm sure that the economy is taking it's toll on others out there as well.
I hate to write such a down post but wanted to let you all know where I'm at, why I haven't been blogging - never mind creating. It's all I can do to just keep putting one foot in front of the other each day and not be overcome by fear but try and walk in faith.
AND I hate to do this, really I do, but if any of you are so inclined for a bluejude print, NOW would be a great time to stop by my ETSY shop. As EVERY little bit would help to at least keep food on the table and the neccesary bills paid. PLEASE DO NOT go to my Cafe Press Shop as I have not been able to pay the fees but for some reason its still up.
Also taking any donations in my paypal if anyone is so inclined. At this point anything as small as $10.00 is a huge help. I know how incredibly awful that must sound but that's how desperate I am right now. Also all prayers and blessings are welcome and appreciated. Thanks so much for your understanding while reading this desperate post.
Still keepin the faith...and tring to stay hopeful. Miss you all and hope everyone is well.
Big BlueJude Hugs!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Just wanted to let you know I'll be back soon to fill you all in on the latest and greatest and not so greatest. Just caught up with some stuff. Miss you all. I'll be back soon. Hope everyone is well!

Monday, June 02, 2008


Thought I'd share some "Raw Art" that I've been working on. Some are still WIP's and most are photographed poorly. Definately not my forte! And as you can see, one is actually laying on its side as I forgot to rotate it. But all in all, there you have it! Some of my latest oddities. AND I might actually have some exciting news to share for a change, but I will fill you in as things become more definate. I know, I know, you're hanging on the edge of your seat. (:
Happy June All!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

May Days

I seem to have been consumed by the month of May. AND that is why I have not been around blogging world much. Kids, life, and I don't know what else have had me busy. Well, actually, I'm helping the hub plan a big annulment party for an old friend of his, at the Village Underground in NYC. The hubs old band will be playing- called The Laughing Dogs. I included the invite - just for a little visual interest. The funny looking guy in the middle is actually a Joe Head - something goofy they used to use in their gigs. Don't ask.
Other than that, the days just seem to be whizzing by! How did May get here so quickly anyway? OK I will return with some raw art wip's to show. Warning: They can be a little scary! (:

Happy May Days All!

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

Well, it looks like the whole art class thing is being put on hold. Just found out that hubby needs some major dental work that is gonna cost a small fortune. And the money situation, being what it is, I don't think the timing is right just now. But you know what they say about the Best Laid Plans, right? Anyhoo, that's not to say that it won't happen down the road. Perhaps in Fall. I believe in God and Fate and that He will see us through this and things will fall into place when the timing is right.
Meantime, I got a few more jobs for designing business cards and magnetic car signs. SO I'll put some flyers up around town and try to generate some more income with that. Easy enough. Just need me and my computer! (:
Hope everyone had a GREAT Mother's Day! I spent the day planting my tomatoes and cukes and flowers. Enjoy the week and may each new day bring blessings and sunshine!

Friday, May 02, 2008


Looking for a name. The whole Art Classes for Kids things is coming together a bit more (see two posts down for details) and now it's time for a name. I don't want anything that sounds too much like a Gallery, yet something that encourages a bit of curiousity. SO having said that, so far we have.....(drum roll please)
The Art Factory, Art Attack, Art n Joy Studio, The Little Art Studio and ahhh...that's it. Keep in mind, that no matter what - there would be a tag line like - Art Classes - Workshops - Parties For Kids - kind of thang.
The smaller space is the one available. But workable. Around 11 x 28. Not that it matters but it obviously couldn't be called The Art Center as it just would not be appropo (nor very exciting).
So put your little creative thinking caps on and let it rip! All suggestions are welcome.
Hope everyone is having a spiffy week!

Friday, April 25, 2008

New Beginnings

Just love this Self Portrait my daughter took! Definately says, Think Spring! Don't ya think? And with Spring comes New Beginnings. Not exactly sure what mine will be yet, but I wanted to say Thank You for all your input, advice, and encouragement on my last post.
Still looking into all the details and haven't made any final decisions yet.
Whatever Spring's New Beginnings may hold, I am so happy and thankful for the love and support of a great family and great friends!
May your day be Sun Kissed!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A New Endeavor?

I've been thinking of doing children's art classes. Anyhoo, a couple of months ago, the idea came up in my little head when I came across a book that I bought when my teens were younger about Discovering Great Artists. A manual of sorts with different projects to do with kids based on different great artists like Picasso, Matisse, O'Keefe,etc. There's a lot of diversity, with projects for all age groups.
When my daughter's Brownie troop broke up years ago, and she was so crushed, I had formed a little art club of sorts for her and her friends and it was quite successful.
So...the idea has been in the back of mind and has now resurfaced big time. A lot of the locals here complain there is nothing for kids to do. (Now mind you, some of these people have kids that are grown and now have their own grandchildren, as most people our age don't have 5 year olds! ) SO I mentioned this idea to my neighbor Sue and she seemed bubbling over about the whole thing and I guess got me kind of enthused and thinking this just might work.

She suggested that I do it out of our huge pretty wooden shed to save on overhead. Initially, I thought this was a good idea, but I would need ventilation- windows and such- (which of course would not be so big an obstacle). However, I realized there is no bathroom in there- and where you have kids - you need a bathroom! lol Then of course there was the whole zoning thing. (Which btw is possible to get around- maybe)
SO, low and behold, I go around the corner yesterday, onto the main avenue to talk to a little cafe about my sales gig, doing their take-out menus - as I heard they were moving to a larger space two blocks over. WELL, it seems that their little spot will be available for Rent as of July 1st. SO I called the owner about it and it's $500.00 a month. BUT she also mentioned that the guy who owns the Little Comic Shop next door was thinking of taking that spot and his place would be available for $400.00 a month!!!! (Cause it's a smaller spot, silly) BUT it could be just right for what I have in mind.
WHICH IS to do three seperate classes for three different age broups. Say ages 7 & 8, 9 & 10, 11 & 12. I would limit each class to 6 or 8 kids. (Not sure about that one yet) Any ideas? My daughter has offered to help out when she can, as she is great with kids.
Also unsure about the insurance thing. Really, don't want to spend the money on it, as well money is very tight. AND I never did have insurance when I owned my children's boutique in Westchester, but yes, I know it's an important thing to consider.
I feel certain that I could do this. As far as the instructing end. And Sue (my neighbor) thought that summer would be a great time to kick it off. My only reservations are, days and times. As I'm sure a lot of working people send their kids to daycare or day camp. SO I say, will this work? And as you know, this is not a rich town...just working class. BUT like everyone says there's nothing for kids to do. AND as some of you may know - Milford - down the road is a very artsy community with a bit more money.
My first thought was to spread it out over the 6 weeks of Summer with one class a week for each age group. But now I'm thinking that I might be better breaking it up into a four week thing, with overlaps. As people might have vacations planned, etc.
That's where I really have my reservations, and am a bit perplexed. Any input on that one?

At the moment, my plan is to talk to the old pre-school owner as she is well versed in these things. AND to see what kind of schedule the Dance Class place across the street has for summer, since they are already established.
My other thought is - aside from having a 4 week package thang -is to maybe have a Pick A Project day. Where the studio space is open for drop-offs or maybe walk-ins (: would be a better way to put it. So if Mom had to run to Walmart or the Hair salon or the Supermarket down the road, or if the kid is just plain bored and driving Mom nuts, she could drop her kid off with moi!
I'm also still figuring out what to charge, obviously taking into consideration covering the neccesary art materials. I would like to do about $20.00 per class, but don't know if the locals can bear that kind of cost. Each class would probably run about an hour and a half.
Hub and I thought that even if I can bring a part-time income in, like $300.00 a week, that it would be great as there is nothing else out there as far as emplyment opportunities.

And the fact that the space available is just around the corner is ideal - no gas money needed!And another boon for me is no fancy clothes needed either! (:
Of course, I would continue in the Fall doing an After School thing and I'm toying with the idea of doing an Art Journaling class for teens, as I have taught my daughter about it and she loves it.

I would be available for parties as well.
My marketing strategy is to get the word out through the girl and boy scout org., mucho flyers, camps, daycares, church bulletins, etc.,and ads in the small cheap local papers. I also belong to the Pike County Arts & Crafts Organization in Milford, (though I have to confess I haven't been a big participant in recent years)so I could pump it up there.
Now that I have written you a short novel, I'm curious about your input and also ask that you send a little prayer out into the Universe.

Though I don't want to put the cart before the horse, and jump in too quickly, if I'm going to do this I would like to secure one of the small spots soon, as the rent is SO cheap. (And it's got Main Avenue exposure).
So what do you all think?? Mucho input, opinions, advice is much appreciated.

Hope everyone is having a Springy week bursting with blooms and creative ideas!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Found Inspiration

Your Alive So Live
Enjoy Who You Are
Don't Hate Yourself For What You Aren't
Trust Your Instincts - Take Control
Just Think Love
Let The Power Of Love Replace The Love Of Power
I found this sitting on the printer next to our computer, written in my daughter's handwriting. Don't know where she got the quotes or of they belong to her, but I liked it. So I thought I'd share. Taking Control, is pretty much where I'm at these days. Trying to take control of our dire situation and come up with a solution. Maybe it's in asking questions that I will find the answers.
For now, this is all that I have to share, no art, just some found written inspiration.
Happy Sunday all!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Escaping Velocity

"Lonely Man's Door" Harley Altaville c.2008
This is just one of the photographic prints available at my daughter's new etsy shop called Escaping Velocity!
In the spirit of encouraging a fellow artist...Please take a peek at her shop and IF you like her work, please take a moment to heart the shop. We're hoping it will also help to cover some of her personal expenses, as you all know things are tight here.
She is passionate about her photography, which is probably why she's so talented!
See for yourself by clicking here:
Her link is also to the right under BlueJude Central.
Thanks so much my wonderful creative friends! Hope everyone is off to a wonderful week!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter

These are some pieces done by my favorite artist, my daughter. Just fifteen years old, and she is not only talented in art, photography, and writing; she is also one of the wisest and kindest kids I know. She sometimes has more depth and insight than the adults I know, including myself!
Anyhoo, the top piece was done for a music festival that ended up getting cancelled. BUT the art teacher liked it so much, that she sent it to be featured in a supplement of a local paper. They showcase the High School kid's art once a month.
The second piece was done in mixed media and the little writing all about says He loves me...He loves me not.
The scanner as usual, doesn't do them justice. But I think they are spectacular...much like her!
I am very proud of you Sweet Pea!
And soon, you all can look forward to seeing some of her photography on etsy. That will really rock your socks! The kid's a natural.
Ok Happy Week All!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This is a really bad scan of a work in progress. It actually has more pinks in it and the yellow on the left is not so bright. And the sun is not just a chunk of brown/orange. OK enuf said on that!
BAD SCANNER! Anyhoo, it needs something more, but I'm not sure what. What do you think? Any ideas?
OH and BTW, I watched the movie Across The Universe with my two teens and hub the other night. This is a great flick! Much better than I had anticipated. It's a kind of musical, using all Beatles tunes, though they aren't sung by the Beatles. The people who do sing them however, do a GREAT job on adding just the right twist. There's also a love story involved, but it's not a sappy kind of thing. I almost wanna say, think Hair meets Quadrophenia, though that doesn't cover it either. (I'm good at this, huh lol)
In any case, my description probably will not do it justice. If you're a Beatles fan, or not, just simply like these kind of films, or just looking for something a bit different and entertaining, by all means, check it out!
Now back to the painting. What does it need? What does it say to you?
Happy Tuesday All!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Bit O Background Fun

Yes, still avoiding doing any REAL art, just playing around with some backgrounds. God only knows what their fate might hold. I just love the relaxing, playfulness of doing backgrounds. The one in the center I kind of futzed and fiddled with in Adobe and now it almost looks like a painting in itself. At least to me. And lastly, we have Ursula. A left over Mixed Personna from last year, that has just been hanging around, buried under more unfinished pieces. Poor thing. Didn't even come into being, and reaching her full potential, before meeting her unfortunate destiny of being smothered and buried amongst the daily activities of life. Hmmmm...kind of like how I feel at times. Maybe that's why I like her so much. She does a look a little pale, dontcha think? Well, I guess you would too, after all she's been through.
So what does fate have in store for all of you this week? I'm still hoping for that winning lottery ticket! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 25, 2008

What's In A Name

"What's In A Name?" D.Altaville aka BlueJude
I did this for the Challenge - Art Ya Name at the Mojo Art Group on Yahoo.
It was a funny thing, cause I had doodled a few sketches, then after the fact, realized that I had used Darcy instead of BlueJude. Of course, that is my real name, but I suddenly felt so exposed! Just about everyone on the net, knows me as, and refers to me as BlueJude.
I guess I also felt a little unsettled because growing up, I never really felt comfortable with my name. It was just so....odd. There was never another Darcy.
And for those of you old enough to remember the TV show Romper Room, whenever she looked into her Magic Mirror, she would see all the Kathy's and Christine's, and Linda's and Lisa's, but NEVER a Darcy! Hmmm...wonder about what repercussions that might have caused to my psyche. lol But we won't even go there!
But now, finally, I'm okay with it. I am who I am....(said Popeye the Sailor Man!...sorry, couldn't help myself)
Anywhoo, if you could change you're name what would YOU choose?
Happy Monday all! Hope it's a creative, and prosperous week, full of blessings....whoever you are!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Here Comes The Sun

"Sunflower" D.Altaville c.2008
This is actually a watercolor I did years ago and kind of funked it up on adobe, as my daughter wanted a Sunflower for her room. So this is a tribute to her, as she always makes my days a bit sunnier, a bit brighter. And as you know from my last post, I definately need to be reminded of that! So cheers dears, here's to sunnier days ahead!
Oh yes, and this print is available on Art n Joy etsy (sans the watermark of course) for those of you who could use a little sunshine in your life!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Sign Of Hope?

Tired. Depressed. Want to paint REAL art, the stuff from inside of me. Too tired. Want to curl up on the couch with a book. No- not really. Want a miracle transformation. Want to feel strong and full of hope, want to feel like my good ole self from long ago. Tired of the discheveled mess, I've let my life become. Tired of the discheveled house, that seems inpossible to stay on top of with three kids. Tired. Last night, in my dream, I was looking up at a grey blue evening sky with my son and a vision of Jesus appeared with His arms outstretched and John the Apostle at His side. There were others too- apostles, I'm assuming. My son and I were in awe. The vision was mostly in shades of white. No technicolor here. When I woke up, feeling like someone might just have to peel me from the bed, I remembered the vision clearly and pondered the meaning of it for a bit. Was it a sign that I would soon meet my Maker? As crappy and forlorn as I felt, I decided not. There was too much of a happy, hopeful, peaceful feeling, when we witnessed the vision. So I'm going with that. It was a sign of hope. That things will change for the better and the transformation will come.
And now, I'm off to deal with the discheveled house, and try to remember to just keep doing the next right thing, try and put my best foot forward, keep the faith and clean house within myself, one step at a time. The light will shine down on us once again.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

January Doodle Journal Page

"The temperate time of television - of how we are now - shadows & remnants of what we once were - static electricity - too many neutrons microns - or whatever you might call it! Rainbows are not always what they may seem! It doesn't matter."
A January Doodle Journal Page. They seem to be ebbing into February. What does it all mean? No clue! Not very uplifting though, eh?
OK I'm off to tame the little beast. I think he needs food. I know they say that music tames the savage beast. Not here, it's a good ole PBJ! Later gators.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Here they are...the love's of my life. What makes my heart go pitter patter. The pic to the right is my daughter and I showing off our silliest Valentine's Do's! And yes, that is me and the hub at a Christmas Party but it was the best pic I could find at the moment.
And the rest is just silly eye candy!

A felt heart made in tribute of my youngest son when he was one adn a half years old and just loved hearts!

And some simple Valentine cookies as my daughter needed 75!! of them so I took the easy way out!
And yes, I spelled Valentines Day wrong in my little collage, but hey, what can I say? All the lovelies are home from school because of the bad weather, and it's pandamonium here at the BlueJude Residence!
And one day, I might actually figure out how to get my pics uploaded to blogger the way I would like!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Doodling Ass Backwards

"Which side to you wan't to be on? Only you can decide. A wall of bricks and confusion or perhaps the side of gentle flow, and rainbows, where love can seep through, even when it rains."
"Time-Time-Time-An Abjunction On Her Mind"
Let's just make it clear that I have no idea if "Abjunction" is even a word. It just came out of my little head. I HAVE been meaning to look it up, but well, just haven't gotten to it and it obviously didn't seem that important.
It's a funny thing with these journal pages, as I kind of started them ass backwards. For those of you who have been following this oh so serious endeavor; you know that they started out as doodles. Which means that I just used a black pen, marker, whatever and doodled away. After I did about twenty-five of them, I realized I wanted to play with color. SO the backgrounds actually came last.
The other funny thing (I know your rollin off the chair now huh) is that they are SO reminiscent of stuff I did in High School. I went to Art & Design HS in Manhattan, and instead of graffitti on the bathroom walls, you would find little paintings, illustrations, or well -doodles. (Nothing to intricate mind you, as we weren't supposed to be cutting class and hanging out there in the first place!) Anyhoo, some of these became like a signature of the artist, and when sketch pads, journals, or jean jackets got passed around, you would have your own little motif? to add, and everyone knew it was YOU. Well, I used to enjoy doing these pen and ink and watercolor drawings that look much like these. There was one in particular, that I did over and over again. And it found it's way into this journal as well. But you'll just have to wait for a future post to see that one as I think I've rambled on enough.
OH and BTW, these pages are appearing in no particular order as they were done on the cheapest of sketch pads, the ones that aren't even coil bound and the pages just pull (or fall) right out. So I've just been "coloring" whatever calls to me at the time.
And if you haven't been bored enough already, there are two silly ones on the post below.
Happy Doodle Doo Monday All!

Silly Journal Pages

Yes, some silly journal pages from January's Doodle Journal. Obviously, I'm still trying to quit smoking. And again, the scanner cut off some parts. But as you can see I spelled Face wrong on the blue page. (I can be a bit dyslexic at times!) On the bottom left and right I wrote "She couldn't even spell Face right. A four letter word that meant nothing YET meant everything at all. Got it?"
Well personally, I have to say I don't get it at all! lol Have no idea where I was goin' with that one. Just more BlueJude Madness Musings I guess. Anyhoo, it is a frigid windy day here, so I am going to have some lunch, then wastes some more time at the puter and make another post. Scary thought...but I'll be back with more journal pages. Toodles.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

January Doodle Journal

"If This Is Where It's At" D.Altaville c.2008
Yes, the first page from my January Doodle Journal. (the scanner cut off the perimeter)
The words read "If This Is Really Where It's At Then What Does That Mean Exactly?". What does it mean?
Not really sure, as when I do my journal pages, I sometimes just have this one liner, cryptic thought that kind of sums up what I'm thinking. Perhaps, this particular night, it pertains to my life and the current state it is in. However, I'm sure it could be interpreted in other ways, by the viewer. Though we're obviously not talking serious art here, just me doodley dooing.
Looking back at my journal of 2007, most of the images don't even contain words. Instead, I kind of scrawled them on the side spread. I think sometimes the words take away from my images, or I just used up so much space there's no room left for them!
Anyhoo, my intention at the moment, is to follow a different path each month, for this years journal. But you know what they say about intentions, right? So I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
So read into the quote what you may....and have a wonderful day, wherever you're at!

Saturday, February 02, 2008


"Climb" D.Altaville c.2008
A recent piece that sums up by Birthday Wish for this year. Climb. Climb to new heights.
Birthday was on Thursday and had a rootin tootin time with the hub and some friends.
However, today I woke up with a stuffy nose, sore throat, the works. So I think I'll just be climbing under the covers!
And of course this print is available at Art n Joy on etsy here:
Happy Weekend All!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Simple Pleasures

This is a painting I started prior to the holidays and never got around to finishing. Another work in progress, like yours truly. I think she has potential, and would like to continue on with it. (Yes, I know that I said I was gonna let go of last year's unfinished pieces, but this ain't one of 'em! Besides there's plenty more. Ha!) The scan didn't do it much justice. It's time for a new scanner/printer. But alas and alack, I'm still waiting for that winning lotto ticket to come in.
Anyhoo, for the month of January I've been keeping a Doodle Art Journal. I just kind of stumbled on to the idea one day, while sitting around with my five year old, wanting to create but unable to delve into anything too serious. (Anyone, with an active five year old will relate, I'm sure) Besides I've been in a sort of creative funk. So, this was just simple playtime, with a black pen, some colored pencils and cheap watercolor cakes. It was rather therapeutic. And anyone who knows me, knows I can use all the therapy I can get!
So I'll be sharing those soon. I know, your on the edge of your seat, right?
In the meantime I hope everyone enjoys the simple pleasures of a creative week.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


"Love Life; It's A Ladder To Hold Onto" D. Altaville c.2007

This is just a silly little ditty, that I dittied recently. Nothing outstanding, just a primitive, naive, silly with a message I rather like. AND since I woke up today, with this wonderful feeling of HOPE, I thought it would be fitting. Why did I wake up this way? No clue. Why is it, that some days, you awake with a feeling of bliss, or hope, and others, you simply dread facing another day. And since I've had my share of those, especially with our rather rocky situation here, it's like a little treasure, to awake feeling this way. I'm just Thankful for everything around me. Even my kid's little messes. (How's that for feelin' good! lol)
AND a few days ago, I ws the lucky recipient of the "You Make My Day Award" from Windy, who definately knows how to spread Angel Love. And now I ould like to pass this award onto, Turquoise Cro, Self Taught Artist, Bad Kitty, Katie Kendrick, Pink Crayon, Norah's Art, garden Painter, and Art Junk Girl.
These ladies make me smile, make me think, and provide me with inspiration and hope.
LOVE LIFE nad Have A Blissful Day!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Stretching and Reaching

Just some unfinished pieces from the year's end of the Journal of 2007. I'm not sure what to make of them. They're very raw, almost scary, but still there's something I like about them, even though they are yet to be complete.
I need to get a new journal to kick off 2008. If only I had thought of this before my dear hub left for WalMart. (Yes, I prefer the cheap coil bound kind, as I get pretty down and dirty with them! No respect I tell ya! lol) And I guess like everyone else, I can't help but wonder what 2008 will hold for me, creatively speaking. I want to try and let go of the unfinished works of 2007, just let them be, as I really have no inclination to finish up most of them. Yet it gnaws at me to leave them that way. Maybe something from childhood, and being taught to finish one task before starting another. But this is art, right? Not a chore to be done. So I am going to try and go forward, uninhibited, and let the colors and paper, and paint land where it may, trusting that it is a path unfolding, leading me to new discoveries and hopefully, joyful destinations. Knowing too, that this is my therapy. This is good for my soul. That is the plan. And I will try and keep my emotional rollercoaster parked-so it cannot interfere with the neccesity of diligently showing up, most evenings, to let it all out on canvas and paper, whatever IT may be. Yes, this is my plan. Hopefully, life won't throw us too many curve balls this year and I will attain the mondo beyondo words of the post below, though so many times they seem like brightly lit stars, beyond my grasp. Stars to be reached for. Stretching and Reaching. Yes, this is my plan. Creative wishes all! Reach for your stars.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


*Financial Stability* FAITH*HOPE*

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Digi Collage

This is just a funky little digi collage that I made using photographs of peoples shoes at the New Year party I went to at my neighbors house. Anywhoo, this one is for an art mojo. But my original is for a Thank You for the hostess. I just changed the words to read Steppin Into 2008 (on top) At The Kalin Party (on the bottom) I have it sized to fit into the front sleeve of a mini 4 x 6 photo album, of which I will also put some candid shots of the guests, while leaving room for her to add her own. Pretty nifty eh?
So that's about as creative as I've gotten since the New Year started but hopefully all that will change soon. Everything in due time. Meantime, I have been inspired by all the creative endeavors I've been seeing on your blogs.
Happy Saturday Everyone! Bliss and Blessings!