Monday, March 17, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter

These are some pieces done by my favorite artist, my daughter. Just fifteen years old, and she is not only talented in art, photography, and writing; she is also one of the wisest and kindest kids I know. She sometimes has more depth and insight than the adults I know, including myself!
Anyhoo, the top piece was done for a music festival that ended up getting cancelled. BUT the art teacher liked it so much, that she sent it to be featured in a supplement of a local paper. They showcase the High School kid's art once a month.
The second piece was done in mixed media and the little writing all about says He loves me...He loves me not.
The scanner as usual, doesn't do them justice. But I think they are spectacular...much like her!
I am very proud of you Sweet Pea!
And soon, you all can look forward to seeing some of her photography on etsy. That will really rock your socks! The kid's a natural.
Ok Happy Week All!


turquoise cro said...

SWEET! art!!! Happy week to YOU too! and HAPPY St. Patrick's Day! Let's do a JIG Together!!! OK, ready???!!! 1.....2.....3 J I G!!!

Ruth said...

SCORE!! look at you little BlueBirdie's bebe'!!! Aren't you talented..and congrats on the recognition and spotlight by your teacher...that's Huge.

I love them vibrant and lively...full of joy..I can feel the music playing.

Can't wait to see more more more!

self taught artist said...

cool post, she has your gift of color and life for sure!!!!

Krissysart said...

Fantastic! You've got a budding artist on your hands. What a great thing!
Have a wonderful day, my friend.

girl work studios said...

How wonderful! Like mother like daughter indeed. Colorful and vibrant art!

HarleyHardcore said...

Link to my new blog mumsy<3

Jenn said...

Love these!! Thank you so much for sharing:) One of my favorite things is to paint and draw with my almost 8 year old son!! xoxoxo...jenn

zorana said...

NO wonder you're proud! Beautiful art! I love the second piece... a lot of things to look at and think. She's a natural. Just as you said. xo

HMBT said...

Very talented we see where her mother gets it. LOL :)

Funky Art Queen said...

She is very talented....Just like her Mom!