Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Hallo All! I have a BRAND NEW SHOP On etsy called PennyPaperworks here!
and so....
And...if that's not enough I have become a twit!
Yes you can find me on twitter here!
Yes I am now ms. Penny Paperworks
offering Handcrafted Paper Goodies and Gifts
that are pretty, fun, functional, and
of course, affordable!
SO come by and take a look at my new digs!
I miss my old blog friends!
BlueJude aka Ms. Penny!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


OK, wish I had a picture of these, but you'll just have to trust me that they are the COOLEST Halloween Treat ever!
And so simple to can do it with your kids too!
You'll Need:
Plastic Gloves
(like the Dentist/Doctor/Salon type WITHOUT the powdery stuff)
Candy Corn
(preferably with the black tips)
Bags of Popcorn
Cheap Orange and/or Black Ribbon
All you do is put a candy corn in each finger tip of the glove. Then stuff the fingers and entire glove with popcorn, (don't over stuff, the fingers should be able to droop a bit) and leave room at the wristlet part.
Tie closed at wrist with ribbon!
The hands are all tinted, bumpy and lumpy, with spooky nails!
I'm telling will LOVE it!
Great for parties, classroom treats, or just in a bowl for your family!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Check out this amazing, beautiful feature Kid Giddy did on on her blog!

And be sure to check out her wonderful shop on etsy! Thanks KG!

Friday, October 23, 2009


"Purple Passion" Bible Keepers n Bookmarks can be found here!
OK I have to admit, I started forgetting an old friend that had always helped me out in the past and somehow gave me some peace and wisdom.
Then one evening, after a long spent day, I lay in bed, feeling...well, not so good. Somewhat sad and anxious, a bit shaken over our financial plight and how we would now get by on one very meager salary. Thankful that my husband finally scored a job at a local factory, but after me being laid off from my PT job...I wondered how we were ever going to make it. What about the winter boots my kids would need? And the list went on...though I won't bore you with it here.
I have always prayed and I have always believed that God would see me through anything as He has shown me many blessings in the past. However, that night, things seemed dim. God seemed distant.
Anyhoo, I turned my head to see, on the second shelf of my nightstand, my old friend. Wisened, Hopeful, Full of Light, but not quite shining...being surrounded by papers, books, debris that distracts. But there it was.....waiting.
I reached for it, bit's of scraps stuck out all over. I let it open to one that guided me. "You will pray to him, and he will hear you, and you will fulfill your vows. What you decide on willbe done, and light will shine on your ways." JOB 22:27
I opened to another scrap. "So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." LUKE 11:9
I continued...the words were sing song, lifting my heart, giving me strength and light, moving me on. Another day would come. I pray once again. And am able to sleep.
The next day, I decided to replace those scraps, with Bible Keepers. Surely, my old friend deserved better than willy nilly scraps sticking out all over! I made them slightly smaller than the average bookmark so that I could use several at once without my Bible becoming too cumbersome.
I also, cleared out the clutter on my nightstand, so that I could remember that my old friend was always nearby. Ready to give me strength, wisdom and light my way. Only now, it looked much prettier!
I enjoyed making my Bible Keepers so much, that I continued making more in different designs. They are available at my shop ArtnJoy on etsy, if you would like to take a peek!
Have a blessed weekend...full of light

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lighting My Way

"Lighting My Way" D. Altaville 2009
OK so son #1 has been up at college for two weeks now and I guess I'm slowly adjusting.
He however, seems to be doing just fine, as far as I can tell from his vids and emails, most of which his sister receives.
The one that I did get, was in response to some questions I had for the ole wise boy.
Stupid Mommy, I asked what he was eating...curious about the range of fare available at the cafeteria. His reply was...I'm old enough to take care of myself! Do I really have to list what I'm eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday!
(Well, no...not exactly (:)
The other two are off to a great start in school as well.
Though, since turning seven in July, the little guy seems to be getting an attitude that's too big for his pants.
(is there something in the water?)
He is by far my most persistent and stubborn child.
I decided to entertain him recently with a "photo walk" where we could take photos together, since he was dying to use the digi camera (afterall he is seven now, he explained).
The little bugger was quite an inspiration and I remembered how much I loved exploring photography.
Sooo... I have a new shop on etsy called Velocity Joy featuring my recent explorations.
Since I was laid off from my job a few weeks ago I'm hoping maybe this will bring in some spare change since we are back to struggling once again. Though I know God will see us through this, and light our way somehow. Anyhooo...
If you have a moment...take a peek....
Big BlueJude Hugs and Blessings to all!

Monday, August 03, 2009


Geez, Ok so #1 son got into college and all was I thought. Of course there are book expenses, BUT did you know there is also insurance and all these hidden costs??
PLUS the dorm neccessities of which follow for those of you who are as stupid as I am at the moment. (I'm sure thre are not many!)
Towels Crate
Desk Lamp Laundry Bag
Trash Basket Bathroom Caddy
Underbed Storage Extra Little Bins?
Hair Brush Deodorant
Shampoo Razors
Shower gel Q Tips
Toothpaste Laundry detergent
Toothbrush Hangars
2 Pairs of Jeans
AND GOD KNOWS what else I'm forgetting! Oh yes, a laptop case for sure!!
And Believe it or not I even thought of Chip Clips...don't ask me why!
Of course I will go to the dollar store and The Marts..but still it is all adding
up beyond my control!!
AND I was having such a good Monday! (A rarity! (:)
Anyone who can help please (as food stamps don not cover this!) please send to teh #1 Son College Fundraiser via PayPAl at
OH and did I mention...I started doing some art again. Hmph..gotta get the release somehow I guess. Soon I'll share. Thanks all for letting me vent and bore you to death!
BlueJude hugs!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Well, below you'll see pics of my star graduate, my beautiful, fantastic son at his Roast n Toast Barbecue.
I've had a bittersweet few days as he has been at his College Orientation with his Dad in upstate NY, where yes, I have already proudly told you, is being paid for by scholarships and grants that he obtained on his own. THANK GOD for that!
He's a reserved kind of kid, very selective of friends, an individual that believes in being kind, honest, and gives a 110% to anything he does.
Except when making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, because he still claims I make the best!
I think I'm being swindled on that one! (:)
I must say that when I got my morning coffee yesterday and passed by his sneakers in the TV room, I cried a little. I remembered those sneakers being oh so small, sitting askew next to red patent leather Mary Janes (my fave) that belonged to his sister, his soul mate, his Irish twin (as we call it) that is only a year younger.
I thought of how she will miss him. How I will miss him dearly and how the little guy will have a void in his heart for a while without his big brother around.
Geez, and he hasn't even left is after all...orientation!
I want to thank the family and friends at the barbecue and their generous gifts which helped my son get the laptop he so needed for college.
We only had to chip in a little bit, which is all we could afford.
However, he still needs book money and dorm necessities.
So if anyone is so inclined to help us send this wonderful kid off, with all he needs as he embarks on this wonderful journey, I am once again taking contributions at Paypal to
Thank You! And congrats to one of the most extraordinary people I have had the privilege and blessing to be the mother of for the past 18 years!
BlueJude hugs to all!

The STAR Graduate


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Looking Upward

Well, things are looking up despite the fact that the car still isn't fixed, my daughter has an infected wisdom tooth that needs to come out and I can't find a dentist that takes our insurance. I had a tooth fall out. I have no insurance. A tree fell on our house during Friday's storm (everyone is safe THANK YOU GOD!) The dog (who is now blind) needs a visit to the Vet in order to get his insulin and needles rescripted for his diabetes and well, we dont know how we're gonna swing that one. My son needs some money for those hidden college costs one doesnt think of when sending their first off to college- despite all his scholarships and grants.
Our food stamps will go under, now that hub has a job, but of course they dont understand that we still need help to cover expenses like, well...uh food! I've lost about 10 pounds over the past 9 months and now my jeans hang off me like I'm farmer Jane. No offense to any farmers named Jane out there! (:) Tho I've never been one for malls and being a fashion plate, so in the grand scheme that's the least of it. And my little garden and tomatoes are pretty much a reflection of my life right now. Stunted and weedy.
The good news is that my son's Graduation barbecue went fantastic! Lots of food and beer and good friends. Funny they were calling for a 70% shance of rain, but he insisted if we sing Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles and stay positive that it just wouldn't happen. AS how could God refuse a Beatles song (: AND ya know what, we had a clear day and sunny skies. God IS watching out for that kid! My shining star.
And they may increase my husbands hours at work. SO there are some things to be thankful for. Always. And in the meantime, I just keep looking upward and kissing it all up to God that all will be well. That we can stay in our home for another year (till my daughter graduates), pay our bills and feed our children....while we all adjust to my son leaving the nest.
Yup, just looking upward, praying nad trying to stay positive. And occasionally singing Here Comes the Sun! Happy July all! BlueJude Hugs!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Today the hubs car broke down.
And the car insurance and water bill is due!!!
Having major anxiety!
P L E A S E H E L P!
Send any and all contributions via PayPal to bluejude
And keep on prayin'!
Sorry for these pitiful posts.
THANKS ALL...MUCH LOVE to everyone. See post below for a little good news.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


OK heres some good news! My wonerful oldest son, got all his college apps in- on his own...applied to like 6 colleges- got accepted to them all, as well as some scholarship money....AND the final result is- he is going to a college in upstate NY which offered him mucho scholarship money for all 4 years! And with grants and aid he got it all covered! I am so proud of him!! He really is one terriffic kid!!
My biggest prayer now is that God provides us with all we need so that we can continue living in this house for another year- as this is my daughters last year of H.S. (I'm actally applying for state mortgage assistance AGAIN- praying it will go through this time round now that hub has some kind of job)
AND with Jesse going off to college it will be a MAJOR adjustment for his 2 siblings so I don't want to have to disrupt their world even further. (Of course its gonna tug at my heartstrings too!) I know its gonna break the little guys heart too.
It seems, My hubs job is only 28 hours a week during the first three months training period. SO I am still sending out an SOS for any contributions while we get through this and play catch- up and try and get a foothold on things.
My son knows I cant get him any elaborate graduation gift, but I sure would like to give him SOMETHING, he worked hard for this and he certainly deserves it-but we have no extra funds right now. We are having a small barbecue with family and friends cause at least my food stamps will cover that! (:
SO any help at all is much appreciated via Paypal to
AND all prayers are welcome. The power of prayer is mighty. Thanks for any help you can give us. Hope everyone is off to a wonderful summer and hope to catch up with all soon!
Big bluejude hugs!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life Goes On...

Ok here's just a quick update as kids will be home soon. I still have my part-time job. YAY! AND my hub FINALLY found a good stady job at 35 hours a week, working in a factory. However it doesn't start till May's end and we are barely squeaking by. I have some bills due and I need a major financial blessing to get me through the next couple of weeks, until we see that second paycheck. As I have a heat/electric bill due, water bill coming up, etc. SO PLEASE HELP US IF YOU CAN! Hopefully this is my last SOS for financila contributions. ANYTHING AT ALL, no matter how small can help us! You can use PayPal to
THANKS ALL! I MISS EVERYONE and will update more as soon as I can. Blessings and Big Hugs!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Still Reaching...

Hallo all! Well, here is piece started long ago that I finally finished. The only art done in a while. Well, I did do a little somethin somethin last nite, but not worth showing really. More of a commentary than art I think. On our economic situation.
You see, our State Mortgage Assistance Prgram has DENIED us for any mortgage assistance!
It seems, that we don't make enough money and do not show prospects of making enough money in the near future! WELL GEE, if we were making the money we wouldn't need them...dontcha think??!!!
What a lot of crazy BS! I am so ....aggghhh....I don't know a mixed bag of emotions, some of which I'm sure you can guess.
I would really like to get through just one day without the nagging buzz in my mind of how we are going to get through another week, another bill, next week, and get the picture.
The buzz is like bad tv static that you just can't turn off.
SO we are still taking any contributions anyone can pass along to our family basket fund via to while we get through this mess and the sun shines down on us once again.
So yes, I am still reaching out....any which way I can.
Hope everyone is having a loving and creative February! BlueJude Hugs to all!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Power of E-Mail?

I decided to try and use the world wide web as a tool to reach as many as possible to help my family through this tough time. I wrote the following e-mail, sent it to a few close girlfriends, who kindly sent it along to the people in their email address book.
I am very blessed to have such good friends. And I am very thankful for the response I did get...though it was far less than I had imagined it would be. I only had about 4 people respond to our plea. PLEASE don't get me wrong as I am thankful, just thought that maybe there would have more out there willing to lend a helping hand.
I know the economy has hit everyone hard, but even we have helped out others during slim times. Maybe some thought it was a scam. I really don't know.
I just thought that with all the FWD:E-Mails that get sent, (I know I get plenty) surely this was a worthwhile one. So once again, I am reaching out to my blogging buddies and the blogging world, in hopes that maybe I can get the email forwarded to even more people.
SO if you are so inclined, just copy and paste and pass it along. Put whatever you like in the SUBJECT line. I just wrote Please Read...IMPORTANT (perhaps I should have been more clever?)
The hub is still recooping from his time in the hospital and I thank you for your well wishes.
And thanks so much to any of you who can get this sent around the web. Keep warm, keep the faith, and God Bless!

Dear Friends,
I am writing this, as I am hoping the world wide web will help bring some angels into our life. PLEASE take a moment to read.
I am just a mom, with three wonderful children and a kind husband who has desperately been seeking steady work for over a year. We are currently living off a meager minimum wage from my PT Office Job, as we both continue to look for more work.
I also try and sell my art prints on the web, at ArtnJoy here:
We are behind on bills and desperately trying to hang onto our home, and take care of our three children.
We have applied for mortgage assistance and are praying that it goes through. However, there are still the necessary bills, and everyday necessities that need to be met.
We were blessed with food stamps, but can't seem to get any other financial assistance. And the food stamps do not cover a family of 5 for a month.
We are average people. We drive used cars, don't have any fancy clothes and live in a modest home in a small town.
If it weren't for my children, I wouldn't even be writing this.
But as a mother I can't worry about dignity when I have three children to take care of, and am down to our last $20.00 in the bank.
So I decided that maybe if I "Pass A Family Basket" along the web, I just might find some angel souls, to try and help us through this dire time.
I have a strong faith in God, and know that He WILL see us through this. He has already sent a few angels our way. Some of you who know me, know you have been one of those angels. I ask that you forward this email on to those you know.
As I am praying now, that He will send us an army of angels, as we are at the breaking point.
So in a desperate plea, I'm asking if you can be one of our angels and please help a family in need. Our family.
I am keeping a list of our "contributing angels" so that I may pay it back, and pay it forward, as soon as things start looking up again.
The smallest of contributions, as little as $10.00 can mean so much more than you think. Mother Teresa said, "If I can't do big things in a big way, I will do small things in a big way."
Perhaps you can help us with a small act of kindness and prayer.
You may not know me, but I could very well be somebody you know.
You may find this in bad taste, but hopefully you will take it as it is intended. Just a Mom, who has run out of options and resources, and is trying to help her family through some tough times.
This email got to you because of a friend who has come in the form of an angel, and who was willing to pass this email forward.
Making a contribution and passing the basket.
Maybe you could be an angel today and please help us?
Any contribution can be made to our family basket via PayPal at to
And PLEASE help to continue to "Pass Our Family Basket" by forwarding this email along to as many as possible.
You may also email me at the above address if you are so inclined.
Many heartfelt thanks for your kind generousity, prayers and contributions.
May God Bless You and Yours.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SOS...Prayers and Contributions

My husband was just admitted to the hospital last night with DIVERTICULITUS! Please keep him in prayer for a speedy recovery so that he'll be home on the weekend.
Trying to stay strong and walk in faith.
Thanks for all and any contributions to "The Family Basket Fund". See below posts for more info. God Bless any of you who can "Pass The Basket" so to speak, and tell others of our plight. AND God Bless any of you that can contribute!
As now as I am praying for a New Year Miracle!
It can happen...right? Hugs all. Hope to catch up on your blogs soon.