Monday, January 28, 2008

Simple Pleasures

This is a painting I started prior to the holidays and never got around to finishing. Another work in progress, like yours truly. I think she has potential, and would like to continue on with it. (Yes, I know that I said I was gonna let go of last year's unfinished pieces, but this ain't one of 'em! Besides there's plenty more. Ha!) The scan didn't do it much justice. It's time for a new scanner/printer. But alas and alack, I'm still waiting for that winning lotto ticket to come in.
Anyhoo, for the month of January I've been keeping a Doodle Art Journal. I just kind of stumbled on to the idea one day, while sitting around with my five year old, wanting to create but unable to delve into anything too serious. (Anyone, with an active five year old will relate, I'm sure) Besides I've been in a sort of creative funk. So, this was just simple playtime, with a black pen, some colored pencils and cheap watercolor cakes. It was rather therapeutic. And anyone who knows me, knows I can use all the therapy I can get!
So I'll be sharing those soon. I know, your on the edge of your seat, right?
In the meantime I hope everyone enjoys the simple pleasures of a creative week.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


"Love Life; It's A Ladder To Hold Onto" D. Altaville c.2007

This is just a silly little ditty, that I dittied recently. Nothing outstanding, just a primitive, naive, silly with a message I rather like. AND since I woke up today, with this wonderful feeling of HOPE, I thought it would be fitting. Why did I wake up this way? No clue. Why is it, that some days, you awake with a feeling of bliss, or hope, and others, you simply dread facing another day. And since I've had my share of those, especially with our rather rocky situation here, it's like a little treasure, to awake feeling this way. I'm just Thankful for everything around me. Even my kid's little messes. (How's that for feelin' good! lol)
AND a few days ago, I ws the lucky recipient of the "You Make My Day Award" from Windy, who definately knows how to spread Angel Love. And now I ould like to pass this award onto, Turquoise Cro, Self Taught Artist, Bad Kitty, Katie Kendrick, Pink Crayon, Norah's Art, garden Painter, and Art Junk Girl.
These ladies make me smile, make me think, and provide me with inspiration and hope.
LOVE LIFE nad Have A Blissful Day!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Stretching and Reaching

Just some unfinished pieces from the year's end of the Journal of 2007. I'm not sure what to make of them. They're very raw, almost scary, but still there's something I like about them, even though they are yet to be complete.
I need to get a new journal to kick off 2008. If only I had thought of this before my dear hub left for WalMart. (Yes, I prefer the cheap coil bound kind, as I get pretty down and dirty with them! No respect I tell ya! lol) And I guess like everyone else, I can't help but wonder what 2008 will hold for me, creatively speaking. I want to try and let go of the unfinished works of 2007, just let them be, as I really have no inclination to finish up most of them. Yet it gnaws at me to leave them that way. Maybe something from childhood, and being taught to finish one task before starting another. But this is art, right? Not a chore to be done. So I am going to try and go forward, uninhibited, and let the colors and paper, and paint land where it may, trusting that it is a path unfolding, leading me to new discoveries and hopefully, joyful destinations. Knowing too, that this is my therapy. This is good for my soul. That is the plan. And I will try and keep my emotional rollercoaster parked-so it cannot interfere with the neccesity of diligently showing up, most evenings, to let it all out on canvas and paper, whatever IT may be. Yes, this is my plan. Hopefully, life won't throw us too many curve balls this year and I will attain the mondo beyondo words of the post below, though so many times they seem like brightly lit stars, beyond my grasp. Stars to be reached for. Stretching and Reaching. Yes, this is my plan. Creative wishes all! Reach for your stars.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


*Financial Stability* FAITH*HOPE*

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Digi Collage

This is just a funky little digi collage that I made using photographs of peoples shoes at the New Year party I went to at my neighbors house. Anywhoo, this one is for an art mojo. But my original is for a Thank You for the hostess. I just changed the words to read Steppin Into 2008 (on top) At The Kalin Party (on the bottom) I have it sized to fit into the front sleeve of a mini 4 x 6 photo album, of which I will also put some candid shots of the guests, while leaving room for her to add her own. Pretty nifty eh?
So that's about as creative as I've gotten since the New Year started but hopefully all that will change soon. Everything in due time. Meantime, I have been inspired by all the creative endeavors I've been seeing on your blogs.
Happy Saturday Everyone! Bliss and Blessings!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Humble, Simple and Filled With Love

Well here are my very humble Christmas Eve Buddies that I made for the kids. You can click on it to get a better view of such magnificent artistry! lol They each have a button heart and stars incorporated on them, to remind my children to keep those great big kind hearts they have and to always reach for the stars. The red one is for my daughter. It has spriral eyes to represent the creative ways in which she sees things. The green stripey is for the little guy. I put an angel button in his hand, as he is my angel and he's definately a child who needs some angels watching over him! lol The black one is for my teenage son and I added a plastic hand button to that one, as he is always willing to lend a helping hand. I tried to give then all a jewel like button as they are the precious jewels of my life! And there you have it. Probably much more than you wanted to know about these things.
And the black and white photo will be our Happy New Year's card this year. It's probably one of my most conventional yet. Tho I wanted to use the word "cherish", my dear hub thought they all looked like mug we went with the WANTED theme instead.
Simple, humble and full of love and good wishes. Kinda like I hope 2008 and will be.
Which BTW, started out at a New Year's Eve Party at my dear friends and neighbors, Sue and Hal's house. You can see some pics below. There was actually a good one taken of me and my hub, which is a rarity, but it is on Hal's camera. So I will have to wait for that one. And since HE IS nicknamed The Turtle, it could be quite some time! lol Good wishes all...hope everyone is off to a wonderful and creative start! Hugs!

New Years With Friends

Okay - we have, from the top, my little guy and his favorite buddy neighbor. Then it's Trish and Moose chowing down. The the famous Ricky Rick...aka Uncle Buck.... who BTW makes a superior Elderberry Wine...surrounded by Sue and Debbie. The it's my hub Ron and Master James sharing some deep conversation and a smoke outside. Yes and there's James again with his gal pal Judy, whose wondering Hey, Why did I get the shorter beer? And our dear friend Gary, whose home is always open to all the neighbors. Tho this party was actually held at Sue and Hal's, who for some reason I have no shots of. Hmmm......And finally it's Eileen and Diane sharing a laugh, of which we did a lot. There were many more in attendance, of who at the moment will reamin anonymous. For no reason in particular except that I'm running out of puter time. A good time was had by all! I am blessed to have such wonderful friends and neighbors! Thanks guys and cheers to us all in the New Year of 2008!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Sorry I have been so absent from your blogs but will catch up once the kiddies go back to school as they are sucking up all my computer time. Hope 2008 is filled with Blessings of Good Things for All!