Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Birthdays & Wishes.....

Yes, today is my birthday. And like I said before, don't even ask how old I am! My mind will say one thing and my body another. And does it really matter, after all? I will say this: Birthdays are weird as you get older. At least for me. There's a more mellow feeling about it all, yet a undercurrent of anticipation for some unusual surprise or happening to come your way on your special day, and an anticipation to change the year ahead for the better.
Though I'm not really into a big hullaballoo, I have always "secretly" wanted a surprise birthday party. Probably more now, that I am older and my many blessed girlfirends are spread about. I always think it would be so grand for us all to get together and get down and giggly, like we used to-just for a night.
As for presents, well...I really don't want much. I know it sounds hokey but I love when my kids make something or write me a poem. As for the hub, I am simply asking for a humongo platter of sushi!!
I actually woke up with a great feeling of gratitude for what I do have. My children are my biggest blessing. My hub. My faith in God who never ceases to amaze me. My great friends. The beautiful snow outside. The enlightening information I have been receiving of late. And I am grateful for all the good that I know is still to come!
And now for Birthday Wishes. Contary to tradition, where you would keep your birthday wish a secret...I am going to wish it out loud here and now. Because recently, I am learning about the power of wishes, and sharing them, and having many beings join you in your wishing vibe, so to speak to help manifest it into a reality.
This is an important wish for me as we have had a real scare with our financial state since my hub was laid off last year. And we have had a few encounters with my children being ill so of course their well being is primo on the wish also.
And please know, that we are not high falutin people. I'm not lookin' for a Mercedes here, or a grand mansion. Just security to pay the bills, and take care of my children. Of course an abundance is always nice, as then we wouldn't have to worry about college tuition and I could help my family and friends in need.
From CaC: I’d like to ask you to both make a wish (as many as you'd like) and to support each other’s wishes. It’s very simple. Just post on your blog something you really, truly, deeply (and maybe even secretly) wish for.
Then everyone who is participating in Create a Connection, and anyone who sees this post
(I have to improvise wording here as my copy button wigged out) will wish the same for that person by leaving a comment like, "As bluejude wishes, I wish for her also."
So I bluejude wish for an abundance of financial security and for the well-being of my family.
There you have it!
And now I'm off for more coffee!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Journal Goodies

Above is my journal page (well most of it as it all wouldn't fit on the scanner) that was inspired by the goodies that the wonderful Ms. Nancy B. sent me!
The page is appropriately called "Think Outside The Box".
And now I have been inspired to work on a whole new journal so you can look forward to more oddities to come! lol
I find the whole journal experience to be so liberating, and so much fun! Each one seems to take me in a new direction. It will be neat to see where I'm headed this time round.
Thanks nance! I'll think of you when I'm playing tonight in my journal.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


I stole this quote from Tanaya's blog. Sorry T, is was so good I had to use it!

"Embrace the Light"

Friday, January 26, 2007

Dreamboard Fun

Last night I participated in a Dreamboard Teleclass given by Jill and Marney of Artella Words And Art - and I have to tell you it was so an absolute blast and very insightful! If you have an opportunity to take a class with these wonderful women, be sure to hop on board. Here's some pics from the big event, which for me, took place in my basement. I had to go somewhere to get uninterrupted time from my kids! lol Please refrain from making fun of my Genie Hairdo!

"Little lights turn from dim to bright" An excerpt from my notes!

In case you're wondering, a Dreamboard is a type of collage where you post images and words of things you would like manifested in your life. Of course there's more to the process, in order to make them a reality, but that's where these wonderful women come in! Stay tuned and I will you show you MY Dreamboard when it is complete! Hope everyone is filled with sweet dreams on this glorious Friday!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


"Onion" D.Altaville c.2007

"Layers Of Our Love"
Through the years
the layers peel
Lovers come undone
Lust and laughter
disappear soon after
the vows that made them one
Secrets in the night
become ammunition in flight
wounding hearts of good intention
Cries of confusion
Was it all an illusion
Can this battle of hearts be one?
An armour of silence
a cloak of fear
and another layer peels
with each passing year
Babies cry out in the night
The lovers strive
to survive
and do what's right
Like the children they bore
they stumble and grow
Three steps backward and
a lifetime to go
Fighting to hang on but
afraid to let go
Where would they go?
A struggle to unearth
the love they knew
An appetite of passion
somehow turned
to a deadly brew
Lifetimes lived
in a dragonfly whir
cause the lover's emotions to
bubble and stir
Like the peeling of an onion
brings fresh fallen tears
And so it was
with each passing year
They shed the layers
of a life they knew
Throwing it all
into their deadly brew
Raw emotions
baggage they held so dear
They watched it boil down
and then disappear
Dissention, judgement, expepectation and fear
It took them to their ninth year
They removed their masks
and slowly walked away
from a love that had grown
and fallen to decay
They made a silent vow
to begin again
To believe in God and fate
Lovers and friends
Little by little
they touched in the night
Little by little
the passion grew a light
The deadly brew simmered for days
while the lovers mingled
in a lover's haze
Entwined like wild vines
they held on tight
And healed their hearts
and reached for the light
The lover's brew
they threw it away
near an old rose bush
on the 31st of May
It was on August the 12th
of the very next year
that an extraordinary rose garden
began to appear
And one year later
on the 21st of September
grew a garden of love
they would always remember
The lust of lovers
the tenderness of friends
came around full circle
their marriage would not end
The layers that were discarded
left room for new growth
Bitterness and anger
gave way to love and hope
And next to the looking glass
you will find two dark masks
A reminder of who we are not
And who we can be
A fairy tale ending
to this love's history.
Darcy Altaville copyright 2006

What Color Are You?

Your Power Color Is Blue
Relationships and feelngs are the most important things to you.You are empathetic and accepting - and good at avoiding conflict.If someone close to you is in pain, it makes you hurt as well.You try to heal the ones you love with your kind and open heart.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Just Playing....

These are just some works in progress from messing around with paint and layers.
I'm off in a new direction, though I'm not quite sure where it's headed. Some of the pieces I'm fairly happy with, while others I see absolutely no merit in- at all.
But then I remind myself that they are the stepping stones to a better place.
Usually it is during winter that I am most creative and painting up a storm. But this winter I seem to start and stop like an old car in need of repairs.
But I'll chug along, as usual, and see where it all takes me.
AND I got a wonderful pack of goodies from the faboolous Ms. Nancy Baumiller, wishing me a Happy Birthday (tho it's not till month's end. That girl is sooo together! lol). So after my engine died out from painting, I thought I would do a journal page using some of her goodies.
But it's not quite complete so you will have to wait for a peek! Thank you my good friend. You are so generous and kind hearted. I can't wait for us to get together and
And now I suppose I should get the dishes done and straighten up before my two banshees blow through the door after a long day at school.
Hopefully I will be inspired tonight to move along with some of these pieces and continue the journey.
OH and I'm signed up for the Dreamboard class with Artella on Thursday night and I am very excited about this. I have a lot of dreams for 2007 so with the help of God, hard work, and my Dreamboard....just maybe they will become a reality.
Cheers to Dreams, Paint, Play and Good Friends!

Monday, January 22, 2007


"Keep The Faith"
This is Resolution #4 for the Self Portrait Challenge. I'm finding out that this self-portrait thing is not as easy as it looks. But I'm havin' fun and seeing myself in a whole new light and I guess that's all that matters!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

What Book Are You?

I can't remember who started this (sorry) but got the link from one of my blogging friends. Just a little fun to pass away the minutes on this cold, blustery Saturday!
What Book Are You? Go to
to find out!
Apparently I am "The Great Gatsby" and this is what they have to say:

You're The Great Gatsby! by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Having grown up in immense wealth and privilege, the world is truly at your doorstep. Instead of reveling in this life of luxury, however, you spend most of your time mooning over a failed romance. The object of your affection is all but worthless--a frivolous liar--but it matters not to you. You can paint any image of the past you want and make it seem real. If you were a color of fishing boat light, you would be green.

I find this life of luxury they speak of rather humorous, considering I just got through scrubbing down the kitchen, scrubbing down the bathroom, picking up endless toys and doing laundry.
Hey, where's my maid??
And what's up with the fishing boat light?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

CAC...Getting To Know You

1. What's the best place you ever lived? the worst?
BEST - Manhattan, NYC and my old farmhouse in Westchester, NY.
WORST - Dingmans Ferry, PA - It was like living in the woods of hell!
2. What's the best place you ever visited on holiday/vacation? the worst?
I'm not really a vacation person, haven't travelled far, at least not in that sense.
Let's see, I would have to say Saratoga Springs, NY with my hub and kids. I took them there
to see my oor country summer house that I had while growing up and to take them to the
State Fair in Ballston Spa that I would attend as a child.
I also had a great time doing a romantic overnighter with my hub in Woodstock, NY.
Worst place- that would probably have to be some of the places I go in my nightmares!
3. What's the best job you ever had? the worst?
BEST - Chippendales in NYC where I worked as office manager, merchandise manager, event
and party planner, and just had a blast!!
Also like being a manager at Barnes and Noble. All those books...and the book smell-delightful!
WORST - A part time clerical job for a man who always wanted me to kiss him!
4. What's your best talent or ability? your worst?
Hmmmm...I'm not good at this. I'd like to think that I'm good at being creative as in art and
writing. Well, the worst would probably be self-discipline, routine, and no patience!
5. What's the best decision you ever made? the worst?
BEST - To have children.
WORST - There's a lot to choose from I'm sure, if I think about it. But probably not living
my life to it's fullest potential when I was younger.
Bonus (so we can end on a positive note!): What's one good thing about you that isn't covered in the questions above, but that you'd like to share with the world?
I have a strong faith in God. I am a true and loyal friend and count my friends as blessings
in my life and I love my family fierce and strong. And I try to keep a sense of humor. I love
to be goofy.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

SPC Carpe Diem



Okay, at Suzie Q's suggestion (of Artography) I went to the following sight and got myself a meme! Are ya ready?

"Reverend Countess Darcyann the Verdant of Dramble Buzzcock"

If any of you have any insight as to what this may mean, well fill me in!
I also got a fortune cookie while I was there. It read:

Better Start Drinking Now!

Well, with a meme like that, why wouldn't I!

Friday, January 12, 2007

ADC and More....

Yes, I am still doing the Art Daily Challenge- well most days, cause as you all know, life can sometimes get in the way. Though it may not be a completed piece of art- each day, the point is that I'm creating. Whether working on a piece, making new backgrounds, or as you can see from previous posts, creating and having fun with my digi camera. And I think that too fits the bill for art daily. AND I am working on other endeavors as well.
I once read that inertia breeds inertia. Well, I think creating breeds more creativity, as I am filling up with ideas and explorations! Hang on to your seats- I think 2007 is gonna be an interesting and creative year. And hopefully very blessed.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Okay so it's a little silly, but I'm stickin' with it! This is my pic for CAC's FIND Topic.

ARTWORDS - Graffitti

"Be Prepared To Stop" D. Altaville c.2006
This is kind of an anti-war statement done in digital collage for Artwords Graffitti Theme.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

SPC New Years Resolution #2

Stop Smoking!! Yes, I know I'm the last of a dying breed. And I guess that could be taken in the literal sense. So this year I will kick the habit-using this photo in my kitchen where I keep my cigs as a good reminder!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Our first full week into the new year (sigh). Two weeks since Christmas. How does time go by so rapidly as we get older? I really don't do resolutions, I do reflections. Reflections on what was last year, what was left undone, and what can become of the year ahead. I do know that I want to be more aware of how fragile time really is. How fleeting...and how I must hold the moments dear. Keep in mind what truly is important and no matter what my dreams or gaols may be, to be always thankful for all that I have here and now. And that is the essence of all things wonderful. Beautiful children, a good husband, a house to live in, food to eat and the beauty of the world around me. Not to mention the blessing of many wonderful friends who remind me that I am not alone when feelings of despair or confusion set in.
I woke up this morning, just wanting to keep all my children home from school and cuddle in the big bed and savor who they are right now, today. Not wanting to let them into the world of yet another day, another passage of time that takes them closer to reaching adulthood and all that it can bring. To keep them here, protected, safe and within my reach. To stop time, for just one day. But instead, I kiss them up to God to keep them safe, healthy and happy and will use this passage of time, this day, to move forward with new dreams.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

ADC #5

"Untitled" c.2007 D. Altaville
Art Daily Challenge #5 which I don't think is totally done yet!

ADC #4...The Gift

"The Gift-Sent Forth By God's Blessing" c.2007 D. Altaville


Having been tagged by Windy I now must reach for a close by book and go to page 123 and then go down five sentences and give you the next three. My book is "The Student Bible" the New International version. And here you have it!
"They made a horn at each of the four corners, so that the horns and the altar were of one piece, and they overlaid the altar with bronze. They made all it's utensils of bronze-its pots, shovels, sprinkling bowls, meatforks and firepans. They made a grating for the altar, a bronze network, to be under its ledge, halfway up the altar." Exodus 38
Oddly enough, this kind of coincides with my next post, which is gonna be my next ADC, entitled The Gift and it has this primitive , spiritual feeling about it-at least for me. Kind of like a God warrior.
And should you be up to it...I now tag Nancy B, Tammy Mimms, and lets see....Ruth at My Hear My Art!

Friday, January 05, 2007

My Four Year Old Problem

I have this little problem. In fact, it is a four year old problem. I want my bed back. Yes, you heard me right. (Well, read me right). You see, about a year ago my son came down with the flu and a hacking cough. It disturbed him so much that he would wake up in the middle of the night and come into my bed. After a few nights of this....he decided to forgo his bed altogether and just sleep in mine. (I know, any of you with children are now groaning...knowing what's coming next.) Naturally my darling son recovered but unfortunately he came to like my bed soooo much that he has taken up permanent residence there. Having had two other children, I figured okay...this will pass. And of course it was easier to just let it slide then having to deal with a very persistent and stubborn four year old at eight o'clock at night, when we also had two teens to deal with, and were all tuckered out and looking for a little alone time.
But over the past month or so, I decided enough was enough. Feeling rather ingenious around the holiday, I thought a little push and help from Santy might just do the trick.
Let me first say that my son is a SpongeBob fanatic (much to my dismay). So when he saw a SpongeBob bedroom set he wanted, we put that on our list for Santy along with a promise that he would sleep back in his room if he got the bed. Santy being the generous guy he is-not only got the bedroom set, but a SpongeBob blanket and curtains as well. (Please Note: I am sooo not a fan of doing character bedrooms for my kids-especially SpongeBob) And Santy was feeling quite desperate, so a new SpongeBob TV and DVD player also appeared on Christmas morning.
(Please Note: I am one of those moms who really does not think it appropriate for a four year old to have a tv in his room-until now, obviously. But to my credit, the tv is not hooked up. It is only there to play nice mellow DVD's)
How exciting Christmas Morning was!!! My little munchkin was very happy. And much to my surprise, the room looked adorable when it was all redone!
Well, the kid still has not slept in there for an entire night. He starts off there with a dvd, but ends up coming into my room when its over.
Yes, we've spoken to him about what the problem is. He gets the scaries and babbles off a million other odd things that only my peculiar four year old could think of.
So now, my latest brilliant idea is to make a collage of his family and hang it by his bed, to remind him that we are all right here. (This epiphany occured last night when we were rockin with the teens and taking all kinds of goofy family photos) Pretty good thinkin, huh?
Unfortunately, as wise and witty as I think I might be at times, I'm not putting a whole lotta weight into it.
So if any of you parental figure units (as my daughter would say) have any suggestions, ideas or advice, I am wide open.
Until then...just remember...Another day, Another N I C K E L!!!!! (Which is what my son said to me yeasterday in his best Sqidward voice- before heading off to preschool.)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

ADC # 3

This image of this worried looking woman was originally a cast off. Something I started, didn't really finish and wasn't too thrilled with it. Soooo I decided to do a little experimenting and added a little more to it and gave it a "frame". Unfortunately you can't really see the detail and texture of it all. Now all she needs is some words to tell her story. What exactly that is, I'm not sure yet. She seems to be keeping it a secret at the moment. Perhaps she'll open up to me later.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

ADC #2

"Best Foot Forward" c.2007
This is my second piece for the Art Daily Challenge and you might note that I am still not used to it being 2007 as I digi signed it with 2006! Oh well, it is only the third day of the New Year, right? Anyhoo....I kind of like her, the simplicity, and the colors (I almost felt a bit like Eric Carle while working on this!) but feel she needs something else. Any thoughts?
Okay all, Best Foot Foward today! Cheers!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

SPC...New Year's Resolutions

"Cherish" by BlueJude
My top resolution for the year is to cherish the time I have with my children. It may seem like an obvious thing to do, but it's often the simplest (and sometimes most important) things that we take for granted.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Art Daily Challenge-Carpe Diem

Well I decided to take Debi up on her "Art Daily Challenge" (see the DM Rice Art Daily Link) but having a lazy New Years Day, I resorted to doing one of my doodle people. The good thing also doubles as an entry for the "New Year's Mojo Challenge" at the Artella Group. How clever of me, don't ya think? Anyhooo....I think this is a good thing to aspire to (no, not being clever) but being creative on a daily basis. Whether it be a doodle, an experiment....whatever! My paintings tend to take me more than one sitting and I can get a little more anal about them so hopefully this will also help me loosen up and just have fun!
And if that's not enough, I also decided to join the Self Portrait Challenge this year. Since Santy was so kind to bring me a new digi camera, it will be fun to explore another creative outlet. And since I'm really not one for hamming it up, and avoid looking in the mirror as much as possible, the results should be interesting.
So there you have it. Hope everyone is having a great start to their New Year. I am very thankful for all the wonderful and creative people I have met here on the net in 2006 and look forward to more creative, wonderful and wacky times, via blogging and groups.
Cheers all!