Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fading Into December

No I haven't been attacked by a Giant Snowman.....or fallen off the roof while hanging my Christmas lights, I simply faded into December Madness! A good kind of lunacy, though somewhat exhausting. Ya, know doin' the tree thing, wrapping gifts, hanging lights, having Magic Tree time, wrapping gifts, planning Christmas menus, picking up Stocking Stuffers and did I mention wrapping gifts?
And I played a long overdue game of Scrabble with my teenage son and daughter, and my hub the other night. Well, my son actually exclaimed the next day, "Gee I never realized you were so smart!" lol (Obviously I kicked everyone's butt!)
Another ha ha, is when I mentioned to him if he wanted to get a gift for his favorite, very cool world studies teacher, who happens to be a big Dylan fan, like my son. I told him, "Well, I have a Bob Dylan print I did for your dad years ago, and if you want, I can make a copy." He agreed that it was a faboo idea. (What I didn't know was that he was a little skeptical) SO I showed him the print yesterday and he says "WOW that's really good! Much better than I thought it would be. I thought I would have to squint to tell who it was, but it really loooks like Dylan!" TOO FUNNY! You see, my son is used to seeing my funky weird art, and not much realism, so apparently, not only am I smart but I'm a better artist than he thought! HeeeeHeee. I guess Mom is full of surprises. Gotta love kids.
AND I have been busy making their Christmas Eve gifts. Simple and humble and fun. Will show a photo when they are done.
Until then.....

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

#5 Meme

OK Suze of Pink Crayon tagged me to list 5 fact about myself. so here ya go!
1. I am prone to anxiety attacks
2. My favorite food is Sushi
3. I drink water all day long
4. I watch the weather channer every morning over coffee. Then my hub will ask, "what's the weather look like? And my reply? I'm not really sure! (he finds this baffling)
5. My favorite singer is Bob Dylan

Ok not so ineresting, but I'm a bit under the weather, and well a little brain dead.
Happy Wednesday!