Monday, August 03, 2009


Geez, Ok so #1 son got into college and all was I thought. Of course there are book expenses, BUT did you know there is also insurance and all these hidden costs??
PLUS the dorm neccessities of which follow for those of you who are as stupid as I am at the moment. (I'm sure thre are not many!)
Towels Crate
Desk Lamp Laundry Bag
Trash Basket Bathroom Caddy
Underbed Storage Extra Little Bins?
Hair Brush Deodorant
Shampoo Razors
Shower gel Q Tips
Toothpaste Laundry detergent
Toothbrush Hangars
2 Pairs of Jeans
AND GOD KNOWS what else I'm forgetting! Oh yes, a laptop case for sure!!
And Believe it or not I even thought of Chip Clips...don't ask me why!
Of course I will go to the dollar store and The Marts..but still it is all adding
up beyond my control!!
AND I was having such a good Monday! (A rarity! (:)
Anyone who can help please (as food stamps don not cover this!) please send to teh #1 Son College Fundraiser via PayPAl at
OH and did I mention...I started doing some art again. Hmph..gotta get the release somehow I guess. Soon I'll share. Thanks all for letting me vent and bore you to death!
BlueJude hugs!