Monday, October 30, 2006

What Would You Call It?

Untitled....Darcy Altaville c.2006
This is just something I finished up over the weekend. Though I still feel like it's missing something. Anyhooo, maybe that's why I am having a hard time giving it a title. bloggy friends....what would you call it?
Okay, I'm off now to get ready to spook things up around here. Thanks for your input! Happy Monday to all!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Kids and Quotes

Sometimes my kids just blow me away! So I thought I'd share some pics of my wonderful, creative, smart, talented children and some of the wonderful things they say. This pic of my sons was taken almost two years ago, but is still one of my favorites. Here are a couple of things that my older son shared with me recently.

"Speaking to you guys (meaning, us, his parents) is like fishing in a pond with all the fish in the world. You never know what you're going to come out with."

Then just last night, he told me this: "True gratification comes from making everyone else happy. Temporary gratification comes from just trying to make yourself happy."

The other pic is of my daughter on last year's Halloween when she was a "Fallen Angel".

She is an avid writer and like me, uses words in her art, and often impresses me with her own original quotes. Here is a recent one: "I am as deep and twisted as a willow tree but as bright and free as a bird's song." (I am definately using that one in one of my art pieces! Hey I have rights! After all I am the mom or King Muter as she calls me (Tho I don't know if that is the right German spelling for Mother)

And my little rock n roller up there on the left, well that was two years ago also, but he's still as cute as ever. Those blonde curls and big blue eyes, save us all from wanting to clobber him at times, as he is quite mischeivous. Some of his favorite sayings are "Time is down." (I guess because he hears "time is up" so often.) And when referring to the past he says "Just like on the other yesterday" which cracks my daughter up. "I'm outta here" that's when his patience has run out. And the best one is "Ghostie Lukas did it!!" This is reserved for all the times when he does something he shouldn't have, which is quite often so we hear this a lot. lol The kid is obsessed with ghosties and pumpkins, and I mean all year long. Sooo...ghostie Lukas is his imaginary friend. And lately, he's taken to belting out God Bless America at the top of his lungs! That is, when he's not singing the Green Day songs he hears his brother and sister playing.

Yup, those are my kids. My moon and stars, my sunshine, and my rainbow. I love em to death. Now if only they came with a maid! Cheers all!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

That's Me!

Yes, another journal page. This one reads: "Crazy Mixed-Up Wonderful Me" (And yes I know that my wonderful has two L's-it was intentional.) Why I don't know. Perhaps I was feeling FULL of wonderfullness! And I must say, that today I am still feeling crazy and mixed up but not too wonderful at the moment.
But this too shall pass.
Is it my calling to be a successful artist? Or is it just wishful thinking? These are thoughts that have been floating around in my little mixed up head. Anyone else feel this way? And what conclusions have you come to?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Journal Page

This is a recent journal page that pretty much sums up how I am feeling about being an artist these days.
It reads: "Trying To Fly" and in the lower right corner it says, "Learning".
Trying and Learning. That's me! And kind of teeter tottering while I do so!
Perhaps I will put up an inexpensive print on etsy just for those who might be feeling the same way.
Happy Monday All!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

An Artful Birth...An Artful Journey

I am very excited! I have just given an artful birth to....... Okay....ready.....DRUMROLL please.........Unique, Artists Papers by Darcy Altaville of BlueJude Studio.
That's not officially what they're called, but hey... it sounds so good now that it must be so!
Yeah, I know, I'm way behind....people have been doing this for years. But is my I am insisting on the drumroll.
Plus, I am extra happy.... (how awful does that sound...extra happy?.....who am I? ...where did I go?....)... anyhooo, I am feelin' good about my latest art journal and the fact that I got to update my website today, because my two older kids are at a Halloween party. So, if you want to take a peek....go to and check out the last Gallery with new stuff.
AND if you want to see my "Uber Cool Dreamscapes" (now THAT- I know- came from my daughter!) go to
They are great for collaging, scrapboooking, art journaling, and more!
AND I have to say yay to art journaling. It is the most inspiring, informative, growing process you can do. SO....keep at it....and I hope everyone is having such an inspired Sunday!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


There is a brand new group of wonderful people who are trying to promote the unique talents of visual artists on Etsy. They are called the Visual Artists Street Team! So, if you have an etsy shop I urge you to join this group and become part of the movement now! As etsy is planning a big televised promo as well as great updated changes for the future.
If you work in any of the following mediums, you must check this out! Collage, Mixed Media, Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Alteres Arts, Art Dolls, 3D, Photography, Fabric or Fiber Arts. and Fine Folk Art.
You can check out the yahoo group here:
Or you can go their site at:
This can only benefit you and your sales at etsy so be sure to check out VAST (Visual Artists Street Team) and become a member now!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Amazing Grace

I finally finished up another "orphan" piece and am hoping that she will find a good home! I am counting on the good graces of God this Winter to light the way for a more prosperous Spring. I have many creative endeavors I wish to accomplish and I am hoping they will bring in some desperately needed income, or at least pave the way to another enlightened road.
Since my hub got laid off in Spring things have been very tight and we are just about keeping food on the table. But the good in all this is that you learn more about what's really important.
You learn that there are a lot of extras you CAN do without. You learn to focus more on being thankful for what you do have now.
And you are reminded, not to take all those good things for granted.
So I have a beautiful Fall day, two very kind and creative teens, a goofy and very original four year old, a good husband, a very loyal watchdog, wonderful, over the top friends, art supplies and books and a strong faith in God that this will all work out for good. I think with all of that I'm ready to face the winter and whatever storms it may bring. As I know that it is only when you "go through" the storms, that you find that you are actually "going to" something, another place, perhaps where you were meant to be. If you let the storms immoblize you, you will never see what awaits you on the other side. So cheers to Fall, cheers to Winter, and cheers to the Amazing Grace of God!
And should you wish to purchase "Amazing Grace" by Darcy Altaville c.2006 simply go here:

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I LOVE My Journal!!

And I hate it!! Yes, it CAN be a love hate relationship. But isn't that what it's all about? (No, not the Hokey Pokey! lol)
There has been a lot of talk lately about journaling. Visual Journaling is the journey of the artist. And like all journeys....there will be clear skies, and easy sailing. And there will also be detours and times of getting lost. There will be love and laughter, pain and confusion. And this my friends, is WHY we journal. To give voice to the journey.
A Visual Journal is like a portal to a passage of time in an artists life. And as we are afflicted and affected by all that life has to offer us during that time, we express it....conciously or subconciously in our own little private retreat, our visual journal. It is our place of exploration and growth. It is our voice during that passage of time.
And since we all have our own unique voice, and our own journeys, we will all have a different and unique journaling experience.
We may admire the style of other artist's visual journals, but no matter how hard we try, we can not duplicate them. And that in itself would defeat the purpose of your visual journal, as it would not be your true voice and style coming through. It would not be YOUR journey.
Part of the journey is about play and exploration. And so to that end, we certainly can- and should- incorporate certain techniques, color schemes, and the like, of other artists into our journals. It is that play, exploration, and experimentation that allows us to grow as artists and in the end, that will give our journey some destination.
And that is why I LOVE my journal! I can play and explore. Experiment and have fun. AND I notice that if I do it consistently enough (which really is what journaling is...a consistent outpour)it inspires me to other ideas to explore in the future. I find myself jotting down notes everywhere for future projects. Creativity breeds creativity. It is also very therapeutic to create for process, not just for product. Just mindless, fun creating!
But as I said, I also hate my journal. Why? Well, because I am not always happy with the outcome. I know that sounds like a contradiction to my prior statement of creating for process but after all, I am an artist. And like all artists, I can be my harshest critic. And I can also have a hard time silencing those critics in my head. But usually, the pieces I hate most, are the ones I tried too hard with, to be like someone else.
And usually the pieces I hate most, have taught me something. Kind of like a detour in the road. Okay, I say...going down that road didn't work. But lets make a turn here, keep going and see where it takes us. And usually, the road it leads to- is just where I want to be heading! Or need to heading at that time.
When I can accept that whatever I'm working on, is going to just turn out to be what it is; a little piece of me and my own personal expression, then I'm okay with it. I try to look at it as something valid and good, in it's own right, for what it's worth and the purpose it served. It then has merit. Afterall, you can't have "good art" without doing some "bad art". Though the "bad art" is really just a detour in the road, on your artistic journey.
So, let go and let yourself enjoy the ride. YOUR ride through the passage in time in YOUR Visual Journal.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

BlueJude Unfunkifying......

I seem to be getting in these "funks" lately and was really funkified over the weekend. Someone said, tis the rollercoaster ride of an artist. I think they may be right. I also think that ....dare I say the M word?.......okay...that menopausal thing is kicking in. Hey wait a minute....I'm too young for that!! Well, maybe that's what my mind is saying , but my body doesn't seem to agree.
Anyhooo, as fate would have it, I was flipping through a magazine, looking for some stuff for my current cut, paste and play journal....and I came across an article in the Spring Issue of "Women's Faith & Spirit" called Clear Your Clutter, Free Your Soul. The tag line reads..." founder Marla Cilley has shown thousands of women how to stop feeling inadequate and start living lives of peace and purpose. It all begins with shining the kitchen sink."
Well, I was in no mood to clean my kitchen sink, but I certainly was curious about the rest of it.
I turned the page to do some skimming and saw this...."Whining never changes anything. You have to get off your Franny. That's the woman in us who gets so defeated that she gives up."
Well, enough said. I read the article and found it to be very inspiring. It basically goes on to say that clearing your house of clutter, helps to clear your soul. And then some. I could not do this woman justice, just by posting here all she had to say.
As you know, I had been lamenting about my unfinished art pieces haunting me as they littered the house in various spots. And I must confess, that it's no wonder. As they have cheerleaders! Yes, my house is in DIRE need of de-cluttering. A task that I have put off for a good year or so. You see, it's the smallest house we ever lived in, and so I have boxes in the basement of unused antiques and collectibles. Books everywhere you turn. Closets full of toys and clothes the kids have outgrown, and well....I think you get the picture!
So not only did she inspire me to start decluttering BUT these little pearls of wisdom were in the article as well as she speaks of something her husband Robert once told her. "He explained that when you stop whining and pleading for what you want in life, and instead just put up your sails, God Breezes will take you where you're supposed to go...."
That just blew me away! How wonderfully and beautifully put. How profound! is another day....and I'm ready to set sail!
To find out more about this wonderful woman and her endeavors just go to
Happy Day all!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

"Cottage Garden Sprite"

This "Cottage Garden Sprite" is a my latest piece up on etsy. I like this one so much, I almost didn't want to sell it! It is a very charming piece and actually has a thin blue satin ribbon attached to the back for an instant wall hanging. You can read more about it or purchase it here:
Image is the Copyright Darcy Altaville 2006

Friday, October 06, 2006

Changing Violet

There is a wonderful new production happening in Manhattan, NYC and for all of you women in the tri-state area, this is a must see!!
It is called "Changing Violet" and is written by and starring Deborah Louise Ortiz of Dangerous Curves Productions, and it is directed by Terri Muuss.
Here is just a small blurb about the show:
Changing Violet is a moving one-woman piece that takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride through the life of Violet, a young girl from the Bronx. Witness the awkward shifting of a young woman struggling with the painful realities of physical, sexual, and mental abuse, and her own abuse of alcohol and drugs as a means of coping. As Violet’s life changes, so do her attitude, her loves, her experiences, and her clothing.
Unfortunately, it does not mention the extremely cool music that so aptly portrays the times and struggles of this woman. Music by Tom Petty and many other cover tunes that you will all relate to your own experiences.
This is an incredible, moving production. Definately worth checking out! So for all of you in the tri-state area simply go to for dates, locale and ticket information. I believe it will be running until December, so that gives you plenty of time to pick a date, round up your friends, and have a memorable night out!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dance To The Beat Of Life

Just another journal page I thought I'd share for your viewing pleasure. HeeeHeee! Yes another BlueJude oddity! I kinda like this one though. Of course, the background is really more of an orange color...but you know how that goes.
Anyhoooo....just trying to "Dance To The Beat Of Life" over here as best I can.
And tonite I will be doing even more dancing as my hub is playing his Thursday gig at the local pub. Sure to be a get down and get funky evening. It's kind of a country/rock/bluegrass kind of thing and usually tons of fun. If nothing else, I escape the chaos of kiddies for a while. Okay I'm off now...cha...cha...cha and boogie shoooo!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Journal Ponderings...Releasing Possibilities....

Okay, here is another journal page from my "cut, paste, and play" journal or shortly put...Fall 2006 Journal! This one says..."Let Your Imagination Release Your Possibilities" which is exactly what I am trying to do. Not worry about the end product, which as you all know is not an easy task.

While scanning it into Adobe and trying to adjust to get it close to the original (again, not an easy least not with my scanner!) I started fiddling around with hue and saturation. I found that I almost liked the digitally altered page better. Though it is a little pink, for my taste. But I started wondering, that if we had an original piece of art, and then digitally altered it, is the digitalized piece a lesser art form? And what does it say about the original? What does it say about the artist? And would you sell a digitally altered piece of YOUR art? Hmmm....What do you think? .....a pondering bluejude, off to play some more and hoping to find some direction while releasing my possibilities.


When I am creating art...I usually am inspired by thoughts and ideas for future pieces, of which I am always jotting down in various notebooks.
And then again, sometimes I just have this little inner dialogue going, with random thoughts - that sometimes get spoken the dog mostly, who is always underfoot and quite a good listener.
I jotted some down the other night, why I don't know. But then I thought it would be very cool to hear what goes through the minds of other artists while doing their art.
Sooo.....on that note, if you are reading this...consider yourself officially TAGGED for...
"Five Thoughts I Had While Creating Last Night" (here's mine)
1. WOW, this sucks!!
2. Okay, what now?
3. My backgrounds are AWESOME!!
4. Need more blue and yellows paint and*&!
5. Switch the Witch and the Cat? Naahhhh.

So as you see, they don't have to be Just your random thoughts. You might be wondering why I didn't share a pic of what I ws working on. Well, I was working on more than one thing. But feel free to add a pic to your own blog. OKay GO For It! When you're creating today, or tonite, or tomorrow, just jot down your 5 thoughts as you go. And then share! I can't wait to see the results!

Monday, October 02, 2006 Theme Blog

A New Theme Each Month! Theme Blog

A New Theme Each Month!

Funky Pumpkin

Okay, I sooo love Halloween but have just been unable to get into the spirit. So a friend suggested I do some fun funky Halloween cards to help me along. And so Funky Pumkin came about. He's not a card but is a 5 x 7 size and as you can see, a total departure from my usual. And of couse, being me...I couldn't stop at just one. But if you visit my etsy shop, I will have the others up there this week! Just go to
Happy Funky Punky Day!