Friday, October 06, 2006

Changing Violet

There is a wonderful new production happening in Manhattan, NYC and for all of you women in the tri-state area, this is a must see!!
It is called "Changing Violet" and is written by and starring Deborah Louise Ortiz of Dangerous Curves Productions, and it is directed by Terri Muuss.
Here is just a small blurb about the show:
Changing Violet is a moving one-woman piece that takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride through the life of Violet, a young girl from the Bronx. Witness the awkward shifting of a young woman struggling with the painful realities of physical, sexual, and mental abuse, and her own abuse of alcohol and drugs as a means of coping. As Violet’s life changes, so do her attitude, her loves, her experiences, and her clothing.
Unfortunately, it does not mention the extremely cool music that so aptly portrays the times and struggles of this woman. Music by Tom Petty and many other cover tunes that you will all relate to your own experiences.
This is an incredible, moving production. Definately worth checking out! So for all of you in the tri-state area simply go to for dates, locale and ticket information. I believe it will be running until December, so that gives you plenty of time to pick a date, round up your friends, and have a memorable night out!!


Maija said...

The show sounds amazing....I wish I could see something wonderful like that. Phoenix is the armpit of culture and arts. I grew up outside of Philadelphia and went to a college in Northeren NJ. Manhattan was a regular activity. I got more culture from 1 night in the Village tha I have in 7 years in Phoenix!

BlueJude said...

yeah....there's no place like Manhattan! My hometown! Okay I won't break out and sing "New York, New York"! lol