Monday, October 16, 2006

Amazing Grace

I finally finished up another "orphan" piece and am hoping that she will find a good home! I am counting on the good graces of God this Winter to light the way for a more prosperous Spring. I have many creative endeavors I wish to accomplish and I am hoping they will bring in some desperately needed income, or at least pave the way to another enlightened road.
Since my hub got laid off in Spring things have been very tight and we are just about keeping food on the table. But the good in all this is that you learn more about what's really important.
You learn that there are a lot of extras you CAN do without. You learn to focus more on being thankful for what you do have now.
And you are reminded, not to take all those good things for granted.
So I have a beautiful Fall day, two very kind and creative teens, a goofy and very original four year old, a good husband, a very loyal watchdog, wonderful, over the top friends, art supplies and books and a strong faith in God that this will all work out for good. I think with all of that I'm ready to face the winter and whatever storms it may bring. As I know that it is only when you "go through" the storms, that you find that you are actually "going to" something, another place, perhaps where you were meant to be. If you let the storms immoblize you, you will never see what awaits you on the other side. So cheers to Fall, cheers to Winter, and cheers to the Amazing Grace of God!
And should you wish to purchase "Amazing Grace" by Darcy Altaville c.2006 simply go here:


windyangel said...

Darcy, this piece is fabulous. I so wish I could buy it. Sorry.
Thanks for your comments and for sharing your strong faith with this post. Isn't it wonderful to know that God looks after us regardless! Your faith will see you through, just as you know.
Huge hugs,

Suzie Q said...

Way to go, Darcy! I've been in dire financial straits for a looong time, and am slowly getting used to it! ;) Thank the Lord for family, I have no idea how on earth I would get through without them. I wish you many many sales of your wonderful Artwork, and enough of everything to keep you happy. :)

Q xXx

StegArt said...

Darcy, it sounds like you have the right attitude to weather this storm. Hang in there! We are here for you. This piece is beautiful. I'm sending good luck wishes your way.