Sunday, October 22, 2006

An Artful Birth...An Artful Journey

I am very excited! I have just given an artful birth to....... Okay....ready.....DRUMROLL please.........Unique, Artists Papers by Darcy Altaville of BlueJude Studio.
That's not officially what they're called, but hey... it sounds so good now that it must be so!
Yeah, I know, I'm way behind....people have been doing this for years. But is my I am insisting on the drumroll.
Plus, I am extra happy.... (how awful does that sound...extra happy?.....who am I? ...where did I go?....)... anyhooo, I am feelin' good about my latest art journal and the fact that I got to update my website today, because my two older kids are at a Halloween party. So, if you want to take a peek....go to and check out the last Gallery with new stuff.
AND if you want to see my "Uber Cool Dreamscapes" (now THAT- I know- came from my daughter!) go to
They are great for collaging, scrapboooking, art journaling, and more!
AND I have to say yay to art journaling. It is the most inspiring, informative, growing process you can do. SO....keep at it....and I hope everyone is having such an inspired Sunday!


StegArt said...

Oooh something new....gotta go looksee. Keep on journalin'!!!! Hugs!

Nancy Baumiller said...

Woohoo! I've already got a sneaky peek at them papers!hehe They are absolutely gorgeous! You sound like your feeling better! So happy for that! Sounds like your in a happy place and that just makes for a big smile on my face! You go girl! Much Love and Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Wow - Lovely stuff!! I LOVE Remember in the New gallery!! :)