Wednesday, October 11, 2006

BlueJude Unfunkifying......

I seem to be getting in these "funks" lately and was really funkified over the weekend. Someone said, tis the rollercoaster ride of an artist. I think they may be right. I also think that ....dare I say the M word?.......okay...that menopausal thing is kicking in. Hey wait a minute....I'm too young for that!! Well, maybe that's what my mind is saying , but my body doesn't seem to agree.
Anyhooo, as fate would have it, I was flipping through a magazine, looking for some stuff for my current cut, paste and play journal....and I came across an article in the Spring Issue of "Women's Faith & Spirit" called Clear Your Clutter, Free Your Soul. The tag line reads..." founder Marla Cilley has shown thousands of women how to stop feeling inadequate and start living lives of peace and purpose. It all begins with shining the kitchen sink."
Well, I was in no mood to clean my kitchen sink, but I certainly was curious about the rest of it.
I turned the page to do some skimming and saw this...."Whining never changes anything. You have to get off your Franny. That's the woman in us who gets so defeated that she gives up."
Well, enough said. I read the article and found it to be very inspiring. It basically goes on to say that clearing your house of clutter, helps to clear your soul. And then some. I could not do this woman justice, just by posting here all she had to say.
As you know, I had been lamenting about my unfinished art pieces haunting me as they littered the house in various spots. And I must confess, that it's no wonder. As they have cheerleaders! Yes, my house is in DIRE need of de-cluttering. A task that I have put off for a good year or so. You see, it's the smallest house we ever lived in, and so I have boxes in the basement of unused antiques and collectibles. Books everywhere you turn. Closets full of toys and clothes the kids have outgrown, and well....I think you get the picture!
So not only did she inspire me to start decluttering BUT these little pearls of wisdom were in the article as well as she speaks of something her husband Robert once told her. "He explained that when you stop whining and pleading for what you want in life, and instead just put up your sails, God Breezes will take you where you're supposed to go...."
That just blew me away! How wonderfully and beautifully put. How profound! is another day....and I'm ready to set sail!
To find out more about this wonderful woman and her endeavors just go to
Happy Day all!


Anonymous said...

Cool inspiration!! De-cluttering is hard for an artist I think! I'm in the same boat with clutter. I've seen the flylady site before, but forget about it!! I'm going to go visit and see if I can get some inspiration!!! Thanks for posting this!!

Nancy Baumiller said...

Wonderful! I like this! Very inpiring! Decluttering time!!! :D My hubs gonna have alot of garbage to take out LOL hehehe Hugs and love darling!

JoTee said...

well this really is a strange one, I recently had my librarian give me the "FlyLady" book to read ( I had read it before) however the refresher this morning with my nose in the book got me back on track with this move. Decluttering can be very cleansing, I have done it for the last 10 years & now we have even less stuff to move. Most of our stuff now is either my art supplies & my hubbies passion of kite flying & making we have ripstop nylon.

Once you do this very powerful act, you will never live the same way. So get crackin' there you have lots of work to do!!!

windyangel said...

I too have heard of the flylady before. Ummm, I don't have time to read her book. BUT, I had started a major decluttering without her, about a couple of weeks ago. I have been side tracked after some major developments. I will be back to it this weekend. Promise.
And GOOD for you.
I think people typically feel blah this time of year. Don't mention that m word. YUCK!!!!

I love the garden sprite piece.

Suzie Q said...

Great link Darcy, thanks! We do all seem to be feeling the same, don't we? I'd been to this site before but it's a vicious circle with me - as soon as I make space I fill it again! Hopeless! ;)
Good Luck with your decluttering - I hope you feel better for it. :)

StegArt said...

Sounds like a good idea to me....gotta go check her out. Thanks for sharing Darcy!

Paulette said...

Oh I've been going in and out of "funks" lately too! I recently have been discussing this with a new artist friend of mine and she also said 'tis the way of the artist. I totally think the state of my house isn't helping though...I'm just naturally a clutter bug...always have piles everywhere and just when I manage to rid of clutter in one area, it fills back up again. A never ending battle with clutter around here, but I'll keep at it...hopefully eventually I'll find a way to keep my clutter under control that works for me. Hope you find your way too! :)

Debi! said...

Oh my, :O) she says smiling! I have the fly lady book!! ( and it is a roller coasterr, as is that M part of life! Let me tell ya... you hit the nail on the head with this blog article! Art, Menopause, and Roller coaster rides... all go together, for women in Art! ... and as I am nearing 55 ... it has been quite a ride~~~ LOl!!!! ( and get this... my neighbor/bestest friend/nurse... said it lasts til 74 in some women!!!! UGH!!!!!! Keep journaling the journey, dear D... Love , the other D!:O) !! Hugs!