Wednesday, January 10, 2007

SPC New Years Resolution #2

Stop Smoking!! Yes, I know I'm the last of a dying breed. And I guess that could be taken in the literal sense. So this year I will kick the habit-using this photo in my kitchen where I keep my cigs as a good reminder!


Tammy said...

Great resolution - and very cool effects on this photo!

Mike (my BF) is an ex-smoker. He is so much healthier because of it! I hope you do well with this one!!

holli said...

You're not a dying breed.. I know a ton of bloggers who keep it a secret because of the hazing that takes place after the admission. I posted about it on an SPC and never again.

Hugs to you and I hope you succeed!!!

firstborn said...

cool pix & good for you!!!!

i was on artella's site just the other day & i saw that dreamboard class you mentioned! i thought about it...but then i saw that newsletter about making a treasure map in my cool! i hope you will post a peek or two of your work when you're ready to show off!

:) mary ann

Tammy said...

My daughter, father and both son n laws still smoke and so did I. It's tough but hang in there! Great photo ;)

Turquoise CRO said...

That's GREAT news!!!HOPING you succeed too! Both my sons smoke and I'm pleading every day with them to QUIT! Thanks! for visiting my Blog and the sweet comments! xo, Cinda

artsyfran said...

You go girl! We're behind you on this one. I know you'll do it! xoxo, fran

windyangel said...

GOOD FOR YOU! I wish you all the best in these efforts.

Suzie Q said...

Good for you, Darcy! You are so not alone... I am one of the last, too. Still puffing away, guiltily :(

Keep giving up, one day at a time... Deep breaths....
Well done you!
Huge Hugs

Jess said...

good luck!

i quit smoking on october 31... and it sucks. i still want a cigarette, so i know i am not out of the woods yet.

cool pic, too.


Lisa said...

It's been a year for me. I didn't make a resolution to quit last year but somehow on the first day of January I just knew it was time. I took up knitting and crocheting and that's what got me through it.

It also helped me to think of myself as a nonsmoker rather than a smoker trying to quit. My mind is easily fooled. lol

Good luck. I feel soooooooo much better. The best thing? I can go out at a moment's notice without sniffing my clothes and hair and realizing I need a shower...AND I can laugh and laugh without coughing. I got my singing voice back and my breath control, too. It's so worth it.

Ok...whew. Didn't realize I had so much passion for quitting. lol My guy quit too and he had smoked for 30 some years. It's coming up on a year for him, too.

He's not quite as excited about it as I am. We can't say the "c" word in front of him. shhhh.