Wednesday, January 24, 2007


"Onion" D.Altaville c.2007

"Layers Of Our Love"
Through the years
the layers peel
Lovers come undone
Lust and laughter
disappear soon after
the vows that made them one
Secrets in the night
become ammunition in flight
wounding hearts of good intention
Cries of confusion
Was it all an illusion
Can this battle of hearts be one?
An armour of silence
a cloak of fear
and another layer peels
with each passing year
Babies cry out in the night
The lovers strive
to survive
and do what's right
Like the children they bore
they stumble and grow
Three steps backward and
a lifetime to go
Fighting to hang on but
afraid to let go
Where would they go?
A struggle to unearth
the love they knew
An appetite of passion
somehow turned
to a deadly brew
Lifetimes lived
in a dragonfly whir
cause the lover's emotions to
bubble and stir
Like the peeling of an onion
brings fresh fallen tears
And so it was
with each passing year
They shed the layers
of a life they knew
Throwing it all
into their deadly brew
Raw emotions
baggage they held so dear
They watched it boil down
and then disappear
Dissention, judgement, expepectation and fear
It took them to their ninth year
They removed their masks
and slowly walked away
from a love that had grown
and fallen to decay
They made a silent vow
to begin again
To believe in God and fate
Lovers and friends
Little by little
they touched in the night
Little by little
the passion grew a light
The deadly brew simmered for days
while the lovers mingled
in a lover's haze
Entwined like wild vines
they held on tight
And healed their hearts
and reached for the light
The lover's brew
they threw it away
near an old rose bush
on the 31st of May
It was on August the 12th
of the very next year
that an extraordinary rose garden
began to appear
And one year later
on the 21st of September
grew a garden of love
they would always remember
The lust of lovers
the tenderness of friends
came around full circle
their marriage would not end
The layers that were discarded
left room for new growth
Bitterness and anger
gave way to love and hope
And next to the looking glass
you will find two dark masks
A reminder of who we are not
And who we can be
A fairy tale ending
to this love's history.
Darcy Altaville copyright 2006


Attack of the Vintage said...

That is a very beutiful poem, I don't believe we stay together for the relationship to come full circle too much anymore. But it is special when it does.

Suzie Q said...

Oh, Darcy, I am covered in goosebumps! Your poetry is beautiful, so incredibly moving, and the illustration is wonderful.
Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Absolutely beautiful! :)

Nancy Baumiller said...

I am speechless! Beautiful poetry m'darlin! As is the illustration! There is no words for me to express what I am feeling right now! You write so beautifully! Big hugs and lurves you much! Nance

dragonmuffin said...

i loved the artwork at the top so much i wanted to leave a comment about it before i read the poem. something kept drawing me back to read though, and i did. i am deaply moved by both your art peice and your poem. thank you for sharing.

getzapped said...

My eye went right to the little heart nestled in the layers. A gorgeous layering of words, too. Peace

Misty Mawn said...


Leah said...

lovely, lovely work.

windyangel said...

Oh Darcy, I finally took time to read this. It is fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing the picture, the poem. I am especially touched as friends of mine have just decided to separate. I'm scared for them both.
Faith, miracles, love - believe. Good for you.
Angels be with you.

HarleyChan said...

You do know im totally in love with your poetry right? Because this is absolutely A M A Z I N G,. I love the rythym and flow.
Very deep.