Friday, January 05, 2007

My Four Year Old Problem

I have this little problem. In fact, it is a four year old problem. I want my bed back. Yes, you heard me right. (Well, read me right). You see, about a year ago my son came down with the flu and a hacking cough. It disturbed him so much that he would wake up in the middle of the night and come into my bed. After a few nights of this....he decided to forgo his bed altogether and just sleep in mine. (I know, any of you with children are now groaning...knowing what's coming next.) Naturally my darling son recovered but unfortunately he came to like my bed soooo much that he has taken up permanent residence there. Having had two other children, I figured okay...this will pass. And of course it was easier to just let it slide then having to deal with a very persistent and stubborn four year old at eight o'clock at night, when we also had two teens to deal with, and were all tuckered out and looking for a little alone time.
But over the past month or so, I decided enough was enough. Feeling rather ingenious around the holiday, I thought a little push and help from Santy might just do the trick.
Let me first say that my son is a SpongeBob fanatic (much to my dismay). So when he saw a SpongeBob bedroom set he wanted, we put that on our list for Santy along with a promise that he would sleep back in his room if he got the bed. Santy being the generous guy he is-not only got the bedroom set, but a SpongeBob blanket and curtains as well. (Please Note: I am sooo not a fan of doing character bedrooms for my kids-especially SpongeBob) And Santy was feeling quite desperate, so a new SpongeBob TV and DVD player also appeared on Christmas morning.
(Please Note: I am one of those moms who really does not think it appropriate for a four year old to have a tv in his room-until now, obviously. But to my credit, the tv is not hooked up. It is only there to play nice mellow DVD's)
How exciting Christmas Morning was!!! My little munchkin was very happy. And much to my surprise, the room looked adorable when it was all redone!
Well, the kid still has not slept in there for an entire night. He starts off there with a dvd, but ends up coming into my room when its over.
Yes, we've spoken to him about what the problem is. He gets the scaries and babbles off a million other odd things that only my peculiar four year old could think of.
So now, my latest brilliant idea is to make a collage of his family and hang it by his bed, to remind him that we are all right here. (This epiphany occured last night when we were rockin with the teens and taking all kinds of goofy family photos) Pretty good thinkin, huh?
Unfortunately, as wise and witty as I think I might be at times, I'm not putting a whole lotta weight into it.
So if any of you parental figure units (as my daughter would say) have any suggestions, ideas or advice, I am wide open.
Until then...just remember...Another day, Another N I C K E L!!!!! (Which is what my son said to me yeasterday in his best Sqidward voice- before heading off to preschool.)


windyangel said...

Uh, what about Super Nanny? I think you're too soft, but HEY, who isn't? Sorry, can only offer good luck at this instant, no suggestions.
I really like the pictures of your darlings and also ADC #2. What did you do for the background? I love it.
BTW, you've been tagged if you have a moment.

Patricia said...

Have you read anything about attachment parenting? It might ease your mind about your situation. Believe me, when he is ready to move into his own bed he will. (I've never heard of a 16 yr old still sleeping with his parents!)

I'm sure his fears are real to him. He might just need the comfort of your presence for now. What about a sleeping bag on the floor? You could suggest he use that when he needs it.

BlueJude said...

Windy, thanks!! the background is actually just a scanned copy of a background I created with acrylics and stamps. The copied version came out a bit lighter but it works. Okay now onto your blog so I can see the tagging!

BlueJude said...

Patricia....Thanks so much. The sleeping bag idea is a good one.

Maija said...

This is what I did and do: I transitioned my son onto a "nest" on the floor right next to my side of the bed. Just some blankets and pillows. He's 11 now, and comes into my room only when he is needing his mom. My 15 year old will do it once in a while, but he's not real comfortable on the floor anymore!

melba said...

My son is 4 too. We always make him start out in his bed (after reading stories in his sister's bed. She is two and has her own room)
and he listens to the same CD of lullybyes every night.(on his Cars Cd palyer!)
Sometimes even after the CD he is awake and comes into our room and says he has bad dream. We always walk him back to his room first. But if he keeps coming in we let him lay in our bed until he falls asleep and then one of us gets up and puts him in his bed. I wake up a lot during the night so I am usually the one putting him back in his bed.

Hope this helps a bit.

I also like the suggestion I read about making a nest next to your bed.