Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Our first full week into the new year (sigh). Two weeks since Christmas. How does time go by so rapidly as we get older? I really don't do resolutions, I do reflections. Reflections on what was last year, what was left undone, and what can become of the year ahead. I do know that I want to be more aware of how fragile time really is. How fleeting...and how I must hold the moments dear. Keep in mind what truly is important and no matter what my dreams or gaols may be, to be always thankful for all that I have here and now. And that is the essence of all things wonderful. Beautiful children, a good husband, a house to live in, food to eat and the beauty of the world around me. Not to mention the blessing of many wonderful friends who remind me that I am not alone when feelings of despair or confusion set in.
I woke up this morning, just wanting to keep all my children home from school and cuddle in the big bed and savor who they are right now, today. Not wanting to let them go....off into the world of yet another day, another passage of time that takes them closer to reaching adulthood and all that it can bring. To keep them here, protected, safe and within my reach. To stop time, for just one day. But instead, I kiss them up to God to keep them safe, healthy and happy and will use this passage of time, this day, to move forward with new dreams.


Lisa said...

Beautiful beautiful post. "kiss them up to God" is a wonderful phrase.

My older son graduates from high school this year and I really struggle with accepting his adulthood. Not because I worry that he isn't ready but because I worry that I am not.

firstborn said...

nice post! i'm with you about reflecting vs. resoluting (is that a word?)...

i found you from my dear blog sista nancy baumiller. been meaning to visit ever since nance mentioned you & your art many months ago! & your blog is definitely a cool read!

:) mary ann

windyangel said...

Lovely reflections - thanks for sharing this. I'm not really into resolutions either.

Suzie Q said...

Beautiful post, Darcy. My boy left school this year, too, and I most certainly wasn't ready! I totally sympathise with you wanting to keep them at home and hold onto them, but 'kissing them up to God' is a beautiful thing to do instead..