Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Years With Friends

Okay - we have, from the top, my little guy and his favorite buddy neighbor. Then it's Trish and Moose chowing down. The the famous Ricky Rick...aka Uncle Buck.... who BTW makes a superior Elderberry Wine...surrounded by Sue and Debbie. The it's my hub Ron and Master James sharing some deep conversation and a smoke outside. Yes and there's James again with his gal pal Judy, whose wondering Hey, Why did I get the shorter beer? And our dear friend Gary, whose home is always open to all the neighbors. Tho this party was actually held at Sue and Hal's, who for some reason I have no shots of. Hmmm......And finally it's Eileen and Diane sharing a laugh, of which we did a lot. There were many more in attendance, of who at the moment will reamin anonymous. For no reason in particular except that I'm running out of puter time. A good time was had by all! I am blessed to have such wonderful friends and neighbors! Thanks guys and cheers to us all in the New Year of 2008!

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