Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Power of E-Mail?

I decided to try and use the world wide web as a tool to reach as many as possible to help my family through this tough time. I wrote the following e-mail, sent it to a few close girlfriends, who kindly sent it along to the people in their email address book.
I am very blessed to have such good friends. And I am very thankful for the response I did get...though it was far less than I had imagined it would be. I only had about 4 people respond to our plea. PLEASE don't get me wrong as I am thankful, just thought that maybe there would have more out there willing to lend a helping hand.
I know the economy has hit everyone hard, but even we have helped out others during slim times. Maybe some thought it was a scam. I really don't know.
I just thought that with all the FWD:E-Mails that get sent, (I know I get plenty) surely this was a worthwhile one. So once again, I am reaching out to my blogging buddies and the blogging world, in hopes that maybe I can get the email forwarded to even more people.
SO if you are so inclined, just copy and paste and pass it along. Put whatever you like in the SUBJECT line. I just wrote Please Read...IMPORTANT (perhaps I should have been more clever?)
The hub is still recooping from his time in the hospital and I thank you for your well wishes.
And thanks so much to any of you who can get this sent around the web. Keep warm, keep the faith, and God Bless!

Dear Friends,
I am writing this, as I am hoping the world wide web will help bring some angels into our life. PLEASE take a moment to read.
I am just a mom, with three wonderful children and a kind husband who has desperately been seeking steady work for over a year. We are currently living off a meager minimum wage from my PT Office Job, as we both continue to look for more work.
I also try and sell my art prints on the web, at ArtnJoy here:
We are behind on bills and desperately trying to hang onto our home, and take care of our three children.
We have applied for mortgage assistance and are praying that it goes through. However, there are still the necessary bills, and everyday necessities that need to be met.
We were blessed with food stamps, but can't seem to get any other financial assistance. And the food stamps do not cover a family of 5 for a month.
We are average people. We drive used cars, don't have any fancy clothes and live in a modest home in a small town.
If it weren't for my children, I wouldn't even be writing this.
But as a mother I can't worry about dignity when I have three children to take care of, and am down to our last $20.00 in the bank.
So I decided that maybe if I "Pass A Family Basket" along the web, I just might find some angel souls, to try and help us through this dire time.
I have a strong faith in God, and know that He WILL see us through this. He has already sent a few angels our way. Some of you who know me, know you have been one of those angels. I ask that you forward this email on to those you know.
As I am praying now, that He will send us an army of angels, as we are at the breaking point.
So in a desperate plea, I'm asking if you can be one of our angels and please help a family in need. Our family.
I am keeping a list of our "contributing angels" so that I may pay it back, and pay it forward, as soon as things start looking up again.
The smallest of contributions, as little as $10.00 can mean so much more than you think. Mother Teresa said, "If I can't do big things in a big way, I will do small things in a big way."
Perhaps you can help us with a small act of kindness and prayer.
You may not know me, but I could very well be somebody you know.
You may find this in bad taste, but hopefully you will take it as it is intended. Just a Mom, who has run out of options and resources, and is trying to help her family through some tough times.
This email got to you because of a friend who has come in the form of an angel, and who was willing to pass this email forward.
Making a contribution and passing the basket.
Maybe you could be an angel today and please help us?
Any contribution can be made to our family basket via PayPal at to
And PLEASE help to continue to "Pass Our Family Basket" by forwarding this email along to as many as possible.
You may also email me at the above address if you are so inclined.
Many heartfelt thanks for your kind generousity, prayers and contributions.
May God Bless You and Yours.


Tabatha said...

Thanks for the post on etsy. Link me....I'll grab your link. It's nice to help eachother. said...

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