Sunday, February 15, 2009

Still Reaching...

Hallo all! Well, here is piece started long ago that I finally finished. The only art done in a while. Well, I did do a little somethin somethin last nite, but not worth showing really. More of a commentary than art I think. On our economic situation.
You see, our State Mortgage Assistance Prgram has DENIED us for any mortgage assistance!
It seems, that we don't make enough money and do not show prospects of making enough money in the near future! WELL GEE, if we were making the money we wouldn't need them...dontcha think??!!!
What a lot of crazy BS! I am so ....aggghhh....I don't know a mixed bag of emotions, some of which I'm sure you can guess.
I would really like to get through just one day without the nagging buzz in my mind of how we are going to get through another week, another bill, next week, and get the picture.
The buzz is like bad tv static that you just can't turn off.
SO we are still taking any contributions anyone can pass along to our family basket fund via to while we get through this mess and the sun shines down on us once again.
So yes, I am still reaching out....any which way I can.
Hope everyone is having a loving and creative February! BlueJude Hugs to all!


Sharon said...

She's beautiful, Bluejude, just like you. :) Praying that things get better for you soon.

Ruth said...

Peace, calm and blessings are coming your way soon....I just know it. Feel it, taste it touch it...write it out Bluebirdie...what you want and what you want to learn from this whatever you title your current situation. There's always something to learn..just so hard to realize when you're smack dab in the middle of it, huh?

BIG LOVE to you and your's

turquoise cro said...

Phew! I wonder if the govenor would help or a state senator! That's a shame the State Morgage assistance won't help!!! YOU and your family are in my prayers darling!!! Love the painting! Maybe I'll win the lottery Saturday! Yeah!!! said...

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Debbie said...

I just found your blog so I'm wondering if things have improved for you? Please let me know, as I have started praying. The Lord will hear our prayers!