Friday, October 23, 2009


"Purple Passion" Bible Keepers n Bookmarks can be found here!
OK I have to admit, I started forgetting an old friend that had always helped me out in the past and somehow gave me some peace and wisdom.
Then one evening, after a long spent day, I lay in bed, feeling...well, not so good. Somewhat sad and anxious, a bit shaken over our financial plight and how we would now get by on one very meager salary. Thankful that my husband finally scored a job at a local factory, but after me being laid off from my PT job...I wondered how we were ever going to make it. What about the winter boots my kids would need? And the list went on...though I won't bore you with it here.
I have always prayed and I have always believed that God would see me through anything as He has shown me many blessings in the past. However, that night, things seemed dim. God seemed distant.
Anyhoo, I turned my head to see, on the second shelf of my nightstand, my old friend. Wisened, Hopeful, Full of Light, but not quite shining...being surrounded by papers, books, debris that distracts. But there it was.....waiting.
I reached for it, bit's of scraps stuck out all over. I let it open to one that guided me. "You will pray to him, and he will hear you, and you will fulfill your vows. What you decide on willbe done, and light will shine on your ways." JOB 22:27
I opened to another scrap. "So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." LUKE 11:9
I continued...the words were sing song, lifting my heart, giving me strength and light, moving me on. Another day would come. I pray once again. And am able to sleep.
The next day, I decided to replace those scraps, with Bible Keepers. Surely, my old friend deserved better than willy nilly scraps sticking out all over! I made them slightly smaller than the average bookmark so that I could use several at once without my Bible becoming too cumbersome.
I also, cleared out the clutter on my nightstand, so that I could remember that my old friend was always nearby. Ready to give me strength, wisdom and light my way. Only now, it looked much prettier!
I enjoyed making my Bible Keepers so much, that I continued making more in different designs. They are available at my shop ArtnJoy on etsy, if you would like to take a peek!
Have a blessed weekend...full of light


mary jane said...

nice work!!!!
nice story too!
mary jane

BlueJude said...

Thanks MJ!

LadyTulip said...

Oh Wow!! How wonderful that this is surrounding you!! I will continue to keep you in prayer, and Definetly check out the new goodies!!

Miss You!!