Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Looking Upward

Well, things are looking up despite the fact that the car still isn't fixed, my daughter has an infected wisdom tooth that needs to come out and I can't find a dentist that takes our insurance. I had a tooth fall out. I have no insurance. A tree fell on our house during Friday's storm (everyone is safe THANK YOU GOD!) The dog (who is now blind) needs a visit to the Vet in order to get his insulin and needles rescripted for his diabetes and well, we dont know how we're gonna swing that one. My son needs some money for those hidden college costs one doesnt think of when sending their first off to college- despite all his scholarships and grants.
Our food stamps will go under, now that hub has a job, but of course they dont understand that we still need help to cover expenses like, well...uh food! I've lost about 10 pounds over the past 9 months and now my jeans hang off me like I'm farmer Jane. No offense to any farmers named Jane out there! (:) Tho I've never been one for malls and being a fashion plate, so in the grand scheme that's the least of it. And my little garden and tomatoes are pretty much a reflection of my life right now. Stunted and weedy.
The good news is that my son's Graduation barbecue went fantastic! Lots of food and beer and good friends. Funny they were calling for a 70% shance of rain, but he insisted if we sing Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles and stay positive that it just wouldn't happen. AS how could God refuse a Beatles song (: AND ya know what, we had a clear day and sunny skies. God IS watching out for that kid! My shining star.
And they may increase my husbands hours at work. SO there are some things to be thankful for. Always. And in the meantime, I just keep looking upward and kissing it all up to God that all will be well. That we can stay in our home for another year (till my daughter graduates), pay our bills and feed our children....while we all adjust to my son leaving the nest.
Yup, just looking upward, praying nad trying to stay positive. And occasionally singing Here Comes the Sun! Happy July all! BlueJude Hugs!


turquoise cro said...

Sure GLAD to seeeeeeee YOU visited today! Taking a lil break from cleaning! Ick! A blind doggie??!! O! that's terrible!!GLAD your son had a SUNNY day for his party!! Take care and EVERYONE should send YOU at least $5.00!!!!Sending love and prayers! sweet Blue Jude!!!

LadyTulip said...

Hi Sweets!! Here's wishing you all the best -- I know that the finances will come thru for your son..the same thing happened with our youngest. Right when we thot there wasn't enuf $$,,WHAM!! -- there it was!! Hang In There!!


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