Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This is a really bad scan of a work in progress. It actually has more pinks in it and the yellow on the left is not so bright. And the sun is not just a chunk of brown/orange. OK enuf said on that!
BAD SCANNER! Anyhoo, it needs something more, but I'm not sure what. What do you think? Any ideas?
OH and BTW, I watched the movie Across The Universe with my two teens and hub the other night. This is a great flick! Much better than I had anticipated. It's a kind of musical, using all Beatles tunes, though they aren't sung by the Beatles. The people who do sing them however, do a GREAT job on adding just the right twist. There's also a love story involved, but it's not a sappy kind of thing. I almost wanna say, think Hair meets Quadrophenia, though that doesn't cover it either. (I'm good at this, huh lol)
In any case, my description probably will not do it justice. If you're a Beatles fan, or not, just simply like these kind of films, or just looking for something a bit different and entertaining, by all means, check it out!
Now back to the painting. What does it need? What does it say to you?
Happy Tuesday All!


Krissysart said...

FUN new work. Do you enjoy collage? what about some vintage paper leaves for spring? or even some 'text' leaves. That might be fun. The colors are great!

Funky Art Queen said...

I think some leaves or flowers collaged on....but it would stand alone....it is lovely and interesting. It speaks to me that you feel you are going in all directions!

artsyfran said...

I LOVE the fall colors! Great design!

Evie said...

Jude, I like the theme you've used here. IMHO I think it needs more definition - maybe a stronger colour somewhere, maybe the tree outline??
Evie xx

Ruth said...

Do you really really want options/ideas?

okay...you asked for it...as you eluded to..hot/summer up that sun with brighter colors...but you would be changing the mood from fall to spring/summer...so not sure you want that feel...but spring/summer is upon us after all...and the background already sings spring/summer. I think change the can the pink on tree lady..too pale...even a brighter pink maybe?turquoise/teal...lavender/blue?? kick the trunk up with some burnt sienna and warmer highlights.

Secondly...imeho...:) the background is sharp and joozie..
Yes...leaves would be okay...but I think a lacy or boston fern (stamped or painted) would be perfect!!!

All in all...it is cool as is...but I just gave you my 2 cents...as I use to do with my students...so don't take personal okay BlueBirdie?

airkiss airkiss

Ruth said...

Oh lordy...typo alert...I meant to write.."I think change the pink on tree lady..too pale...even a brighter pink maybe?

oh no...how many demerits?

girl work studios said...

I really like it! Maybe a little more contrast? some darker elements added to the tree and background to give it some added depth, the colors you used are really lovely.
I saw that movie last week too and I also really liked it, made me search through my Beatles CDs the next day and listen to them while I painted.

HMBT said...

I really love the work as is, the softness and see through quality is soft and nice. But if I were going to add anything I liked krissyart's ideas. Keep on Keeping on my friend, nice to see you back to work! :)

windy angels said...

I LOVE this piece. the background is fabulous. I love the idea of tree/woman. right now I feel like I could look at it and look at it and look at it.
You've probably done something already but if not, I would do just that, look at it and see what comes to mind. If it were mine I might add some fine bits in a really contrasty colour - white, black, the teal mentioned or a hot pink.
BUT that's just me.
Have a great weekend dear and angels be with you,
Wendy XO

suze said...

I want to see that movie, thanks for reminding me. I also like Krissysart idea with text leaves and maybe color them in shades of green. I see some spring elements in this work and I love her feet at the bottom. Good job!