Thursday, May 22, 2008

May Days

I seem to have been consumed by the month of May. AND that is why I have not been around blogging world much. Kids, life, and I don't know what else have had me busy. Well, actually, I'm helping the hub plan a big annulment party for an old friend of his, at the Village Underground in NYC. The hubs old band will be playing- called The Laughing Dogs. I included the invite - just for a little visual interest. The funny looking guy in the middle is actually a Joe Head - something goofy they used to use in their gigs. Don't ask.
Other than that, the days just seem to be whizzing by! How did May get here so quickly anyway? OK I will return with some raw art wip's to show. Warning: They can be a little scary! (:

Happy May Days All!

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turquoise cro said...

WowieeEEE!!! I WISH I could come to this!!! I've been wanting to get back to NYC!! My brother's name is Barry! His birthday is June 25th, the next day even but we'll just be getting back from our Va-K the week before! I used to ride the Greyhound to NYC! Yeah, those were the days my friend, I thought they'd never end but now my town doesn't have the trusted Greyhound! Waaaa! Waaaaa! Have FUN!!!