Friday, May 02, 2008


Looking for a name. The whole Art Classes for Kids things is coming together a bit more (see two posts down for details) and now it's time for a name. I don't want anything that sounds too much like a Gallery, yet something that encourages a bit of curiousity. SO having said that, so far we have.....(drum roll please)
The Art Factory, Art Attack, Art n Joy Studio, The Little Art Studio and ahhh...that's it. Keep in mind, that no matter what - there would be a tag line like - Art Classes - Workshops - Parties For Kids - kind of thang.
The smaller space is the one available. But workable. Around 11 x 28. Not that it matters but it obviously couldn't be called The Art Center as it just would not be appropo (nor very exciting).
So put your little creative thinking caps on and let it rip! All suggestions are welcome.
Hope everyone is having a spiffy week!


self taught artist said...

i think your artnjoy name is practically its own brand at this point. it would make sense to use that...i like it too.

Lisa said...

Whoohooooo! Whatever name you end up with, I know this is going to be awesome.

Funky Art Queen said...

I like the art and joy. AT first I liked the art attack but I wondered if the children would think it was something scary? Some more ideas: "works of heart" and "outside the lines" and "a touch o color". Good luck on your new endeavor.

HMBT said...

How about Art out of the box?
or, creative wait that's my station, the creative outlet, instant artification, art without boundaries, boundless art...I could go on and on, but I liked ArtnJoy the best too. :)

zorana said...

Art and Joy is my favorite, too... Sounds good and explains what you plan to do.

Krissysart said...

How about 'Artsy Fartsy'.....okay just kidding. But I would SO go to a place like that! I promise to come up with something better.

suze said...

Congrats! My brain is not fully functional at this moment, but I will try to think of something catchy. I liked Inspiration Station but maybe not descriptive enough for the kids thing.
Wishing you all the luck.
Happy Thursday!

turquoise cro said...

O! I wish I lived nearer! I would come to help once and a while! Yeah, that's a shame YOU need insurance nowadays! How much is that???!!! I'll be thinkin of a name! How about Art Park? Art Room?
Art's The Place? Gimme Five, No Ten! Imagine? Art and Joy is also sweet! Decided to Blog a little bit! tee hee Happy Week-end Sweets!

Krissysart said...

Happy Mothers day my blogging friend!!

HMBT said...

Happy Mother's Day Blue! I hope your day was warm, wonderful and full of love...wait with you and yours I am sure it's been great! Just wanted to say it too! Happy Mommas day to you.