Monday, May 12, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

Well, it looks like the whole art class thing is being put on hold. Just found out that hubby needs some major dental work that is gonna cost a small fortune. And the money situation, being what it is, I don't think the timing is right just now. But you know what they say about the Best Laid Plans, right? Anyhoo, that's not to say that it won't happen down the road. Perhaps in Fall. I believe in God and Fate and that He will see us through this and things will fall into place when the timing is right.
Meantime, I got a few more jobs for designing business cards and magnetic car signs. SO I'll put some flyers up around town and try to generate some more income with that. Easy enough. Just need me and my computer! (:
Hope everyone had a GREAT Mother's Day! I spent the day planting my tomatoes and cukes and flowers. Enjoy the week and may each new day bring blessings and sunshine!


suze said...

Doggone dental stuff. We just spent a fortune on DH and now my crown is broken and the piece is stuck between my teeth. Insurance won't pay until November because crowns are supposed to last 5 years. I had it done in MD so the dentist can't fix it. My new guy doesn't do temps, so do I wait or fork out the $900.?
Sorry to hear it put a damper on your plans but I also believe that everything happens for a reason.
It just gives you more time to plan everything out.
Have a great week.

self taught artist said...

well at least you had the idea come, who is to say if you have time to percolate on it you wont find a way to do it if its your passion.
in the meantime, hope more ideas and ART come to you.

Krissysart said...

So sorry about the hold but what a wonderful outlook you have on it. Attitude is everything, right? Good luck to your hubby (I have to be gassed to kingdom come to go to the dentist) and to you as you guys go through it all.

Ellen said...

Hope your husband gets through it as painlessly as possible. Dental work is crazy expensive, but I love your attitude too, and the world will always need teachers, so you have lots of time to plan. Enjoy all that gardening!

Lisa said...

Doggone it! It will happen down the road, for sure. Gotta have choppers.

turquoise cro said...

O! Jude, you had to go and remind me of my dentist appt. in June, a root canal or crown, I don't even know!!! I hate to go to the dentist although I must say i have a good one, no pain!!! Now, what did he say it was, a crown I think! We should have been dentists!!! tee hee Blessings left for YOU too! *wink & a smile*