Monday, February 11, 2008

Doodling Ass Backwards

"Which side to you wan't to be on? Only you can decide. A wall of bricks and confusion or perhaps the side of gentle flow, and rainbows, where love can seep through, even when it rains."
"Time-Time-Time-An Abjunction On Her Mind"
Let's just make it clear that I have no idea if "Abjunction" is even a word. It just came out of my little head. I HAVE been meaning to look it up, but well, just haven't gotten to it and it obviously didn't seem that important.
It's a funny thing with these journal pages, as I kind of started them ass backwards. For those of you who have been following this oh so serious endeavor; you know that they started out as doodles. Which means that I just used a black pen, marker, whatever and doodled away. After I did about twenty-five of them, I realized I wanted to play with color. SO the backgrounds actually came last.
The other funny thing (I know your rollin off the chair now huh) is that they are SO reminiscent of stuff I did in High School. I went to Art & Design HS in Manhattan, and instead of graffitti on the bathroom walls, you would find little paintings, illustrations, or well -doodles. (Nothing to intricate mind you, as we weren't supposed to be cutting class and hanging out there in the first place!) Anyhoo, some of these became like a signature of the artist, and when sketch pads, journals, or jean jackets got passed around, you would have your own little motif? to add, and everyone knew it was YOU. Well, I used to enjoy doing these pen and ink and watercolor drawings that look much like these. There was one in particular, that I did over and over again. And it found it's way into this journal as well. But you'll just have to wait for a future post to see that one as I think I've rambled on enough.
OH and BTW, these pages are appearing in no particular order as they were done on the cheapest of sketch pads, the ones that aren't even coil bound and the pages just pull (or fall) right out. So I've just been "coloring" whatever calls to me at the time.
And if you haven't been bored enough already, there are two silly ones on the post below.
Happy Doodle Doo Monday All!


Garden Painter Art said...


Wow, I've so enjoyed going back through your blog this morning and looking at your journal pages. It's been so long since I've had the time to stop by and say hello to my blog friends.

Garden Painter Art

turquoise cro said...

At least you're doodling ass backwards!!! LOL I want to try and start a journal sometime but it's just another thing I would feel I have to attend to and I just don't have the time but maybe I should take time for journaling because it seems to feel some kind of need! LOL O! I HOPE YOU succeed in QUIT SMOKING DARCY!!!!! My 2 sons do and I wish and pray they will quit but those prayers aren't being answered! UG! well, sweetie, it seems I am in a foul mood but I feel happy and I choose those rainbows and rain!!! I couldn't find abjunction in my 1938 dictionary but it sounds like the place where my abs should be but fat is there instead!!! LOL LOL Phew! Happy Monday sweetie! I always am soOOOoooO happy to see YOU when you visit my Blog!((((Darcy))))ps. can YOU feel the LOVE?!

self taught artist said...

i think its cool you are sharing your journal pages, i would have never known these were done so 'simply' on cheap paper.
love the life and color in them!

HMBT said...

Hey Darcy! I love these two posts of pages! You are trying to quit the tasty brown leaf too? Me too, I am sucking at it, MAte MAn is on day 12 without and here I am still trying to just cut back. I hate smoking!!!!
I love your work, it's just so alive and free and full of everything that I love about you. Keep going grrrrl I am sending you love!

Harley said...

I really love these doodles, and ejoy looking at them :).
The colors are very refreshing.
And you express ALLOT with these.
This is my new blog btw
I'm going to try and be on it more, FOR YOU.


d. said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! And say thanks to your daughter for me! :)