Tuesday, February 05, 2008

January Doodle Journal

"If This Is Where It's At" D.Altaville c.2008
Yes, the first page from my January Doodle Journal. (the scanner cut off the perimeter)
The words read "If This Is Really Where It's At Then What Does That Mean Exactly?". What does it mean?
Not really sure, as when I do my journal pages, I sometimes just have this one liner, cryptic thought that kind of sums up what I'm thinking. Perhaps, this particular night, it pertains to my life and the current state it is in. However, I'm sure it could be interpreted in other ways, by the viewer. Though we're obviously not talking serious art here, just me doodley dooing.
Looking back at my journal of 2007, most of the images don't even contain words. Instead, I kind of scrawled them on the side spread. I think sometimes the words take away from my images, or I just used up so much space there's no room left for them!
Anyhoo, my intention at the moment, is to follow a different path each month, for this years journal. But you know what they say about intentions, right? So I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
So read into the quote what you may....and have a wonderful day, wherever you're at!


turquoise cro said...

I still haven't started a journal! Yours LOOKS so interesting! Happy Tuesday!!! Thanks for missing me! My dad was diagnosed wth melanoma on Friday! I've been out of it since! UG! Prayers please if YOU have some extra time!

self taught artist said...

i'm sure many will disagree with me but i am one who thinks words take away from the art.

i'm beginning to see something in your recent works ....have you ever thought about illustrating a book? there is a story (without the words ;) in these paintings that are childlike yet mature and they feel like they would accompany prose in a book. just a thought.
keep doing it. you are inching your way down a different path and it is telling.
....or not. maybe i just want to see more of these women all lined up somewhere on a wall.

windy angels said...

I love the background. Interesting choice of words and facial expression.
Hoping all is going well.
Angels be with you,
Wendy XO

suze said...

I don't know why but she reminds me of Samantha on Bewitched. I need to get my journal started. Have a great week.