Saturday, February 02, 2008


"Climb" D.Altaville c.2008
A recent piece that sums up by Birthday Wish for this year. Climb. Climb to new heights.
Birthday was on Thursday and had a rootin tootin time with the hub and some friends.
However, today I woke up with a stuffy nose, sore throat, the works. So I think I'll just be climbing under the covers!
And of course this print is available at Art n Joy on etsy here:
Happy Weekend All!


artsyfran said...

Happy Belated b-day, Darce! I hope this is a year filled with love, creativity, and happiness!

xo, Fran

self taught artist said...

really enjoying the newer works..the colors and those women, those women are going somewhere. i can feel it!

HMBT said...

HAppy Birthday Darcy! I hope you have a blessed year. Love the new work, feel better friend!

turquoise cro said...

HOPE YOU are feeling better now my sweet lil friend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! too, I didn't know til today!!! ((((((Darcy)))))) so tight all those cold germs will be strangled!!! LOL