Monday, February 11, 2008

Silly Journal Pages

Yes, some silly journal pages from January's Doodle Journal. Obviously, I'm still trying to quit smoking. And again, the scanner cut off some parts. But as you can see I spelled Face wrong on the blue page. (I can be a bit dyslexic at times!) On the bottom left and right I wrote "She couldn't even spell Face right. A four letter word that meant nothing YET meant everything at all. Got it?"
Well personally, I have to say I don't get it at all! lol Have no idea where I was goin' with that one. Just more BlueJude Madness Musings I guess. Anyhoo, it is a frigid windy day here, so I am going to have some lunch, then wastes some more time at the puter and make another post. Scary thought...but I'll be back with more journal pages. Toodles.

1 comment:

sarala said...

I enjoy your doodle journals. Nice work. Wish I could do half so well.