Monday, September 22, 2008


This is the name of my new shop on etsy, where you can find vintage photos, cabinet card, vintage postcards, etc. I have been uploading stuff little by little, so be sure to check back on the ever growing collection!
You can find the link to the right.
I have some really great funky and unique postcards that I hate to part with, but I'm hoping it will help us to stay afloat for a while.
Unforunately there seemed to be some glitches in the search categories on etsy and my listings were not showing up - eeekk!
Murphy's law in action once again?
Thank you all for your blessings, prayers, good thoughts, and fond wishes.
We were able to get some partial food stamps to help with the grocery bill, so at least that's something.
OH and my sweet, lovely daughter turned 16 yesterday. Sometimes you wish you could just capture them in a little snowglobe when they're small and keep them that way forever. But I am very proud of the person she is growing into, kind, creative and strong, always able to make me laugh - the light of my life, as are the other two.
Of course she had a social whirl of a weekend, so we will have a little cupcake celebration tonight. Happy Birthday darlin'!
OK, go check out my shop and tell me what you think! I'm open to all critique and suggestions.
Monday Hugs To All!


Arty Em said...

lovely vintage things there -- I especially like the antique baby photo. Thanks for stopping in at my blog, and I will keep you and your family in my thoughts. Enjoy those cupcakes!

self taught artist said...

good luck on the new site! no suggestions here, your ahead of me in that department.

suze said...

Hey! Yesterday was my daughters B-Day,too. Only she turned 35, and yes the time flies by.
I am off to your Etsy shop now.

Heather said...

We are looking down the smar rabbit hole my friend, I am going to do something about it come H*ll or high water though. Have you heard of a company named cloud ten? THey are a virtual CSR company, Mate Man just took a job with them, it's work from home. Email me private and I'll tell you everything for either one of you to get on with them, I know others that are working and getting paid, so it's a good company. Let me at least give you the info. Email me;
Love, to you all...I want to help because I love you guys, I've got some other info too. Talk to you soon,

turquoise cro said...

Happy Birthday!!!to your SWEET daughter!! The new shoppe LOOKS SWEET! Good Luck!!!

Debbie Gootter said...

Love the banner you are using