Friday, September 05, 2008

Hangin In There...

"Deadly Mystery" by Darcy Altaville
This is the first journal page I have done in a very long time. Not my finest work, but pretty much makes a statement about how I'm feeling about our state of affairs around here. You can read the post below for more details on that.
It surely is a mystery to me how we will get through it all, but God works in mysterious ways too, and I am keepin the faith that He will keep His lovin hand upon this family and see us through, comin out on top.
It's the only thing that gets me through the day. That and a cuddle and a giggle from the little guy and joshin around with my banshee teens, and of course a good ole hubby hug.
Thank You to my two blogging buddies who have stopped by my etsy shop to make a purchase.
Beleive me...every LITTLE BIT helps at this point.
We are down to the wire!!
Anyone who can find it in their hearts to make a small donation to help out the family fund can do so via PayPal to
Thank you so much!!
Have a blessed and creative weekend all!


JerseyTjej said...

I was visiting the links of friends and will certainly stop at your shop. Here is a link that I found on the site of a friend...Maybe it could be of help to you. Keep the faith!

BlueJude said...

I checked into it and though it sounds like a great org. I don't know if we apply. But I will give it a shot. Thanks!