Saturday, September 13, 2008

Staying Positive

"Happiness" D. Altaville c.2008
Thought I'd post something a little more uplifting since my prior posts seems to have scared off my blogging buddies! (:
Besides, I'm trying to keep positive vibes. Even though I now have a bronchial infection and my computer is acting wiggy.
NOW where is everybody...hmmmm?
Happy Weekend all wherever you are!


self taught artist said...

we never left YOU did :)

turquoise cro said...

I got my Darcy prints!!! WOOT! Happy Week-end to YOU too and GET WELL!!! love and prayers and stay POSITIVE sweets!

Funky Art Queen said...

That is a bright and colorful piece. Get to feeling better!!!

Arty Em said...

hey -- thanks for visiting my blog and your interest in the traveling journal - let me know if postage is an issue and I can help out - send stamps and such.
I know what it feels like to have life **kick some butt** sometimes . . . . keep up the great work.

Ellen said...

Don't fret, we're still here. Thinking of you, hang in there, it will get better. Financial panic can really put a cloud over all aspects of your life. I've been there too.

And nothing wrong with doing some cathartic artwork.

Tod said...

Hi BlueJude, thanks for visiting my new blog. I second Ellen's vote for cranking out some art. While I disagree with the notion that emotion pain produces the best work, it usually breaks down some artistic constraints. Life will cycle around. Bang away!

LadyTulip said...

>> Your work is jus' so fine!! <<

As for the finances..Been There with the 'xact same stuff!! OOOhhh some of the people who tried to smash me Down! Blah to THEM!!

Keep up this work's very good.


windy angels said...

Hi Beautiful Angel,
Hoping you are feeling better soon. I'll be boppin by your etsy shop soon.
Keeping you in thought and prayer.
sending much love and many angels,
Wendy XO

Krissysart said...

That is some seriously happy artwork!!