Thursday, March 15, 2007

Who Knows?

"Who Knows What Colors Today Will Bring"
Well, that sums up today's mode. It was like 60 degrees here yesterday...woohoo!
and now today it is bleak and rainy. Fine by me -but now it seems old man winter is due back tomorrow as they are calling for 3-6 inches of snow! But of course they are not always accurate
so- who knows?
The past few journal pieces are rather odd, I know. My oddities. BUT I put them up
on Etsy anyway. I don't really think they will sell
but- who knows?
I also wonder if they disrupt the groove, the flow (whatever there is of it) of
the other pieces in the shop. I wonder if that turns a buyer off, seeing both
Jeckyl and Hyde sides of an artist.
Who knows?
I've spent too much time pondering about the shop and what will make it
successful on even a small level.
(Something I swore I wouldn't do, but I can be rather obsessive by nature)
What are the best selling days and times? Besides the obvious weekends.
If I shrink the oddities (because of there blatant, loud use of color and weirdness)
do they have a better shot at selling?
Do the little Thumbnails catch the buyer's attention first- or is Titles that
tickles their fancy?
Why is it that some artists attract so many sales when they're work,
at least to me, seems just as odd, or on the other side of the
spectrum, just seems bland, or gerneric.
Who knows?
I do know I don't like feeling this way. I do know that it's important to me
to make this shop work and be successful on some level.
Not only because I really need the income, but also because I need to
feel that what I'm doing is worthwhile. I need to PROVE it to myself and my family.
I need to feel that all the time I spend painting, clipping, and pasting like some little
mental patient in need of therapy,
is not for nil.
I know-we do art because we have to. It's who we are. We do it for us.
Yet, sometimes that's just not enough for me.
And so here I am, still stuck wondering...
"What Colors Today Will Bring"
Who knows?


andrea said...

This is a great image!

HMBT said...

Great image! Color is first and formost on Etsy, plus the regular posting that keeps you up in the views...I know your feelings about making it work thru making sales for validation...I am in a slump too, and it's affecting my ability to keep on doing what I's hard but I just keep going because well, I don't know what else I can do. Faith and work is all I have and it always seems work out in the thanks for your kind words and just.don'

Waspgoddess said...

Is this a weird one? I don't think so, in fact I think it's one of my favourites. But perhaps I'm a little weird.

I think you should be yourself as much as possible, don't worry too much about what others may or may not like. You've got a great personal style, and your pieces are just awesome.

Ps. Did the tagging thing, which was fun :)

LadyTulip said...

~~ Recently had a conversation with The Husband about whether or not to keep doin' the Art- Thing...he said that there was never a reason to stop doin' what I do, regardless of sales or no sales ~~ An' I guess the same thing is true with you ~~ Jus' keep on doin the Art-Thing an' all the rest will fall into place. It's been over a year since one of my pieces sold, but I'm NOT gonna let thatslow me down!! Keep Goin' for It!!


Garden Painter Art said...

I've been on etsy for a little while, but have found no rhyme or rhythm to it. Some people say weekends are the worst time to list on etsy. Some people say that the only way to sell is to make yourself known on the message boards. I see people doing really well, and others that don't do so well.

I wish I knew the secret.

Ebay is completely dead for me right now, and I sell something occasionally on etsy. I think the most important thing is to list, list, list. Try to secure a couple of showcases. I got lucky yesterday and got 2. One for March 19 and one for the 26.

The hardest part for me is keeping new stuff listed. I can't seem to work as fast as lots of the other artists seem to. My collage is literally a 10 step process and my dolls are all hand-stitched. I don't even have a sewing machine! So, it's slow going for me. Always trying to find time to create more. Yet, marketing takes up so much time. What to do, what to do?

If you find a magic formula, please share it with me!

Garden Painter Art

windy angels said...

"Who knows what colours today will bring?" What a wonderful poem. Darce, I think you need to relax and just have tons of fun. You'll find your style - even more than you already have. If we try to force ourselves I think we're not as creative as we could be. Just my two cents. I like this piece. You definitely have your own style.

Lisa said...

Oh I think they'll sell Darcy. All the pieces look great together in the shop. Your colors are so perfect and the images are just wonderful. They're really unique. I just love everything.

Funky Art Queen said...

Oh, I can so relate to this. I feel this way so often. Sometimes I struggle with my dreams of making a business of this creativity-actually making money at it and my desire to keep on making things/creating is a need. The buying of my products...i think is just more of the validation I need that I am doing alright. Love your work...keep following your dreams.

Attack of the Vintage said...

I love this one. I'm not sure I want to sell anything to someone who isn't as crazy as myself. Your work speaks to the many who have to color outside the line. Which to me is the biggest compliment of all!!!
PS. we are now having snow too, glad I got to work outside a few days ago!!

artsyfran said...

I constantly struggle. The only things I've been able to sell on Etsy are my collage sheets. And just a few of those. I think craft things and gift things sell well there. I'm waiting until all my pieces end their listing dates and then I'm going to make a decision of whether to continue. I'm also going to try some more "crafty" things using my artwork. I'll let you know how it goes... Fran