Thursday, March 29, 2007


"She Dreamed Of Houses" D.Altaville c.2007
I live in modest house. And I do thank God for the house I have. But I do share it with two teens, a preschooler, a big, hairy dog, and of course my hubby. And I have to say that
sometimes things can get a little hairy. (Beyond the dog that is! lol) And at those times
I yearn for more space. A small room to call a studio. A playroom for the little guy.
I long for peace and solitude and space. And so I dream of houses.
The perfect house. The perfect life. Little strife and little worries.
Of course, this is a tall order and no matter what the size of your house, it is not a cure all for all the other things you wish for your life. But it's nice to dream.
I have almost completed my current journal and though I will continue to do another, I feel that I want to go somewhere else with my mixed media paintings. Though not quite sure where.
My head is filled with ideas, yet executing them is another story.
And it unnerves me that I've yet to settle down with just one style and keep going with it
till I have a zillion pieces out the kazoo! I'm still in exploratory mode. Still trying to find myself, as an artist and sometimes as a person. This unsettles me. I am feeling frustrated and unsettled today. I feel short of time and balance. I feel selfish for wanting to be able to create all day long and not have to worry about real life things. And this is how I feel today.
And so I dream of houses, and finding my space, my niche. I dream of being a better mom, (ya know the TV kind), a better wife and a better artist. A successful artist.
I dream...knowing that this too shall pass and some of those dreams will come true.
And I think of the quote..."This is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it."
And so I will try and rejoice for all I have here and now.
What do you dream of?


turquoise cro said...

I also DREAM of a bigger house with BIG rooms! and lots of closet space and of course a room just for creating, I have a little, little room but it is now full of WINTER clothes and am looking for SUMMER clothes! Wish I had big closets so they could hang year round! Oh well, what else would I be dreaming of if I already lived in that bigger house! hmmmm, I'd like to publish just a little book some day! Maybe a song or two! Back to cleaning Bluejude, I dream of creating art all day too! Maybe we should one day a week at least! xoCinda ps. Yes, REJOICE in this beauty full day!

Lisa said...

I think you already know that I hear you loud and clear after my post the other day. As for style, it's funny but I definitely think you have a style that runs through everything you do but you don't notice it. It's such a part of you that you can't see it. I feel sure I would recognize your art matter which medium you were using. I'm a believer, baby! lol I love your stuff.

zorana said...

I have a similar journal page. Not similar in style, but with the same dream. I could have wrote the whole post... I understand every single sentence. I guess we are together in the "I wish" quest. :-)
Beautiful page, BTW.

Evie said...

I used to live in a much bigger house and now in a smaller one but I'd make art in a broom cupboard if that's all there was -- the important thing is to create and you're certainly doing that. Love the colours in this piece.
Evie x

Self Taught Artist said...

I can't wait to see what you graviate towards next. You have mastery over color as well as the ability to translate energy into beauty. go for it!

BlueJude said...

GEEZ STA Thanks for the vote of confidence!!

HMBT said...

I would know your work too...anywhere, I totally feel you have a style...I call it Blue Jude-ism. Ha...that's a funny.
I dream of more time, just more time and better money situation so that I could quit my job (I have had for almost a week) so I could go back to just painting all the time again. I miss my all creative all the time life.

Waspgoddess said...

I know all too well how you feel. Although we only have two little cats our space is just way too small. And here in the UK there is so little space full stop. So the rooms are small, the kitchen's tiny.
Plus we live in a basement.

I want my own study, I want a yoga and meditation room, I want a garden, I want to live above ground... then I would be happy. Or so I think.

Sometimes dreaming is better than the reality.


Attack of the Vintage said...

I know what you are saying, even I who only live with my pets dream of more. My more isn't so much space since I have that, it is the finished house projects so I can just sit back and relax with a lemonade and friends. Right now I don't have a room that I can do that in, but hopefully one will be completed soon.

Suzie Q said...

Love this piece and this post, Darcy! I struggle constantly with wanting somewhere/thing else, and totally sympathise :) It's good to dream, they can't come true if you don't have them, so keep dreaming...
You have a great attitude, Darcy, and a great talent - you'll go far and those dreams will come true. One day at a time...

Hugs, Suze xXx

artsyfran said...

Don't be afraid of the exploration. All artists have to find their way and have to watch how their styles develop. I have an abstract painting style that is different from my art journaling, drawing, and collage style. I think that we all have a need to show different sides of ourselves! Keep up the exploration and enjoy it! xoxo, Fran