Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Catching Up...

Well, it's like Alaska here today and the wind is HOWLING! I am trying to catch up and get so many things done. And one thing for sure is that I am updating my links TODAY!! If I missed someone, please let me know. AND I am opening a NEW etsy shop. New year...new art...new shop. So that should be up soon and all my journal pages will be there!
Also, a kind blogging friend mentioned that I should let you all know that you can order art directly from me as well. So consider it official!!
Anyone interested in owning a BlueJude Original Print just contact me via e-mail at bluejude126@yahoo.com. Yes the journal pages will be in print form as they were created using both traditional and digital mixed media and collage.
And of course you can always request something from my past works at the Galleries of www.bluejudestudio.com
And there you have it. I'm off to update those links now! Happy Tuesday! Thanks for the kind compliments and inspiration. I love my blogging friends.


HMBT said...

Don't forget me in the link update! :)
I look forward to making some sales so I can own a Blue Jude of my own... I can't decide between 'Thought warrior' or the new one...about home. I like them both and they would be great for the studio!

turquoise cro said...

AwwwwWWWWW! Shucks! There I am!!! You are sooooo sweet girly! It will take me some time to get your link! I'm not too pizzzazzzy at pc stuff! xo,Cinda ps. do you realize we are neighbors? Pa. and WV aren't that far away! Do you live near Pittsburgh?

Waspgoddess said...

Great news about getting your pieces on etsy (still not sure what that is). I will be thrilled to own a BlueJude original. Anything with a cat woman?

Oh, and thanks for the link :)