Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Queen

"Queen Of Hearts" D.Altaville c.2007
Apparently she was at the Hearts party last night too. (If you haven't a clue, just see the post below). Anyhooo....I believe she will be traveling to etsy next. So if you would like to have her visit YOUR home, check out my etsy shop this weekend.
I can even customize her with a name or quote if you like.
Just click on the Art n Joy link to the right at BlueJude Central.
Boy, it was SOME party! Those Hearts people sure do know how to live it up.
Odd hats, lot's of veggie was out of this world!


ShoezyCakes said...

I am so loving this piece! Your colors are just dazzling!

BlueJude said...

Thank you. I'm now thinking she needs a border to contain all that color! lol

windy angels said...

Quite the party. good luck with your etsy shop and requests and all your pursuits. thanks too for your frequent visits to my place. I'll share more "info" soon. promise.