Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's Almost Planting Time!

"The Garden Made Her Heart Sing" D.Altaville c.2007
This is a painting that I finally finished, being inspired by the sweet smell
and sounds of Spring in the air! I was outside with the little guy yesterday,
drawing with chalk, singing songs, and noticing how brown and decayed
our front garden looked. You know it has that decayed look of winter.
But it's almost plantin' time! YAY! Soon we'll have that baby, bright and cheery
with little blooms! And speaking of older son has now had
two of his computer art pieces printed in a local paper! How cool is that?
My daughter, also an avid drawer and writer, also had a couple of poems in the
same publication. Isn't it great to see your children bloom?
That's what really makes my heart sing!
And of course this piece is up on my Art n Joy shop at etsy.
(I'm turning into quite the shameless promoter here. lol)
Hope everyone is bloomin with a song in their heart today!


Self Taught Artist said...

that is very cool about your son, sounds like fun you all sitting out with chalk and all.
your art is like a spring day :)

Sharon said...

Thanks for stopping by. I had to come see your new piece. The garden makes my heart sing too. Very cool kids you got.

turquoise cro said...

Congrats Bluejude's kiddies! Keep it up!!! Love the turquoise in this!!! tee hee I just scared a birdie, it was going to fly in on my back porch but it saw me and fluttered it's wings to go fast in the opposite direction!!! LOL I believe in Karma, a bird scared me and I scared one today! Sheeez! I'll be humming while I wash dowm my back porch today, maybe YOU could come over this evening for our own ARTFEST!!! Wish we were there Bluejude! xoCinda

Garden Painter Art said...

I love your new piece. I'm a garden fanatic, so I am drawn to anything gardeny (and funky).

Congrats to your kids. Because, after all, they are our ultimate garden, aren't they?

Garden Painter Art

Gypsy Purple said...

Youshould be a promotor...well done to all of you!!!!

sallyt said...

What a wonderful spring-y piece! The colors are yummy and I love this little guy's -blooming- tummy! Spring is catching - don't ya think? When you're done planting your beds, would ya come plant some of mine? I hate the wintery decay but can't get into planting myself...wah.

Thanks for stopping by my blog again. I love it when that happens! And thanks for the kind remarks, too.

artsyfran said...

Love this image, Darc! Keep up the momentum! xoxo, Fran