Wednesday, March 14, 2007

DARE to be...MeMe

"Dare To Be Hard To Forget" D. Altaville c.2007
Seemed appropriate to put this journal page up since I have been tagged by
Bad Kitty (You Bad Woman!) for a 5 Things About MeMe.
Okay, don't know how interesting this will be as I am still waking up. So on that note...
1. I am not a morning person. I like to wake to the world slowly.
2. I have incredibly vivid dreams, of which I can remember 6 mornings out of 7.
They are usually action packed, which may explain why it takes me so long to
wake up and come alive! lol
3. I don't like summer. I do like summer nights however.
4. I ran away to Detroit at 16.
5. I sometimes wear fingerless gloves in the house (in winter people!)
as my hands tend to get cold, even tho the rest of me is warm.
And since we are on the subject of me me....some people have asked about
my journal pages and why they don't have words.
Well, that's because I usually do the journaling part on the opposite page.
But as you can see from the piece above I am experimenting with adding some
words on the actual visual page.
And there you have it! I now tag...Nancy Baumiller, Wasp Goddess, My Heart My Art.


HMBT said...

Cool...I too wear fingerless all times of the year, because my hands and feet are always cold. I like your journal pages with no words and with them too...when I post mine they only rarely have the words with them...usually just the image I needed out of my brain pan. Thanks for playing and I LOVE the new work!

BlueJude said...

Thanks. A bit weird (the work that is) tho I put it up on etsy anyhoo. There's gotta be other weird-ies out there too...right? lol

Garden Painter Art said...

Wow, what a great journal page. Again, you always get me with the colors!!

I just went over and had a look at your website and signed the guest book. Nice site!!

Garden Painter Art

turquoise cro said...

Phew! Glad you didn't tag me, I just don't like Tag games! That journal page is so colorful! LOVE it! Keep creating sweets! I tried running away with my best friend but we couldn't get off our country road!A girlfriend came to pick us up and I remember we hid our suitcases in the woods to pick up later! Whazzzzzzzuuuppp with that?!!! She must not have had room for them! LOL I can't remember! Thanks! for stirring up my memory! xoCinda

Waspgoddess said...

My hands are also always cold while the rest of me is warm, but I'm really a morning person, love getting up early and going for a walk while the world is still asleep.

Anyway, I will have to think of my five things that make me a little different. Am I then supposed to tag a certain number of people? I've never been tagged before, so I'm a little confused. (But it's just what the doctor ordered in the midst of all this madness.)