Friday, March 02, 2007


This is what I get
when I try to paint my love to you
Overflowing color
with the light peeking through.
There is no beginning
as there is no end
You won't see any order
just the feelings of a friend.
You see, my love
takes many shapes and forms.
The lines are sometimes broken
as sometimes hearts are torn.
It may seem chaotic
as life can often be
You see, my love
won't fit neatly on the page,
it has no boundaries.
It mat seem naive,
not a fine piece of art.
The technique might be slightly off
as are matters of the heart.
But please take it as a token,
a reminder of a friend,
who holds you close
within her soul
until the very end.
D. Altaville c.2000
This is a from a card I made for my hub way back in 2000. I came across it recently, in the archives and thought it fit well with the Artwords Poetry theme.
Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend!


Lisa said...

That is so awesome!

artsyfran said...

Such a beautiful piece. So much meaning, so much love. xoxo, Fran

Nancy Baumiller said...

Such a sentimental piece! Love it! xoxo Nance