Thursday, September 21, 2006

What A Difference A Day Makes.....

"Life Is Short, Enjoy The Ride!" by Darcy Altaville c.2006
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LIFE IS GOOD! GOD IS GREAT! CHILDREN ARE A BLESSING! I am so excited... (can you tell?) I think I'm on to another series. How far will it go? No clue.
But I see a thread with some of the newer pieces I've been working on. And I'm pretty pleased with how they are coming along. Of course, being the slow process artist I am ....I'm letting them guide me and I'm sure it will be some before they are completed. So that's exciting.
And as you know creativity breeds inspiration, so I also came up with a few ideas for some future endeavors, regarding my past work. Now hopefully I will find the time to keep it all together and progress with my ideas and bring them to fruitition.
Apparently, my lovely ,creative daughter was also inspired last night. While I was working on my art we were talking about faces. I mentioned how I would love to experiment more with my vintage faces and how I also wanted to try and have some fun with faces with a Zetti slant. But the problem with teh Zetti thing is....well, I just can't seem to get it. Well, my daughter disappeared for a bit; then about twenty minutes later she came back downstairs with 5 Zetti type faces that she constructed from magazines. "I did these for you,mom," she said. I was blown away!! Now, I know my kid is artistically gifted, but.... what I pondered about for like a year...this kid just whipped together in twenty minutes!! YOu would be proud Ms. Nancy B!!
After all my gushing, the kid looked at me and said "Wow, just do this, this and this and there you have it." I was like gee, I never thought of that!
Then I made her glue them down for me, giving her a brand new glue stick, more gushing and I said..."Maybe I should leave you alone to do you can focus"
Again, the child looks at me, like I'm more insane than she ever really knew and said..."Mom, it's just gluing...I learned this in preschool. Get hold of yourself!"
So we had a lot of laughs and a fun creative time together. I have some new faces to play with!
So...LIFE IS GOOD! GOD IS GREAT! CHILDREN ARE A BLESSING! And like the mixed media piece above says...."LIFE IS SHORT, ENJOY THE RIDE!"
Hope YOU all Enjoy YOUR Ride Today! Blessings...bluejude


StegArt said...

Oh so glad to hear things are looking bright. I was chuckling while reading about the comments your daughter made. Sounds like you two had fun together. Treasure those moments! Smiles.

BlueJude said...

Yes, it's amzing how, as adults we can overthink something, and pick it to pieces. Children have the capability to kind of fly by their pants, jump in and go for it!

Suzie Q said...

Brilliant post Darcy! Made me smile :)
What excellent teachers our children are! :)

Nancy Baumiller said...

Big smiles here too! And laughing at your daughters comments...Yes I am proud of her and you my darlin! You two rock! I think her there with you during this time is just what you needed! Tell her I said thank you! Its just gluing LOL Keep her close! Love and hugs to you both! :D

Lisa said...

lol it's just glue! Sounds like lots of fun was had. :)

Alma Stoller said...

Hi Darcy,

Thank you.
I just checked out your site. WOW! You have a lot
going on. Lots of work too. Keep it up.

windyangel said...

Very nice piece.
They amaze us sometimes don't they? She sounds like a gem. I know ~ she's a teenager.