Monday, September 25, 2006

New Series...New Beginnings...

"Untitled" by Darcy Altaville c.2006

Well, it's been a long exhausting weekend, but a constructive one I think. The piece above is from a new series that began a couple of weeks ago. There are others, but this is the only one near completion. Don't know if she's done or not. I would like to give her some words and a proper title. I thought of Queen of Hearts, but that just seems so....well...unoriginal. Any ideas? Does she need words? So that is one series I have going in the workds.
Then, being inspired by Nancy Baumiller, I got back into my Journal Play mode.
I forgot how much fun that can be! Using some of her technique ideas, I now have four pieces in the works.
I worried along the way, about copying her style. However, I realized that it would be purely impossible. I think as artists, we are influenced or turned on to certain techniques; but BECAUSE we are artists we all have our own visual voice and so therefore we can only execute those techniques and ideas in our own way. When I was experimenting with Cluadine Hellmuth's backgrounds, I was turned on to a new series. Do they look like the works of Claudine? No, not at all.
Nancy is a pro at doing the Zetti style. Something I truly admire. BUT I know that I can't do Zetti....well, in a total Zetti way. So my journal pieces are more like BlueJude Meets Zetti. And if you promise not to laugh...I will share one that is in progress.
It's not one of the better of the four, at least in my opinion, but hey....who knows what it will turn into? And this is all about PLAY, right? Okay no giggling, and no falling off your chair laughing! Are you ready? Here it is......
Okay....well, maybe not. Apparently blogger does not want to let me upload. Perhaps it's having a good laugh of it's own! I will try one more time.......Nope. Not happening. Guess we'll have to save the giggling for later.
So I'm on to two new series, and I want to continue with my altered postcard art.
Which was also inspired by experimenting with another technique, inkjet transfers. So you see, how inspiration can lead us in a new direction, while we find our way and infuse it with our own style.
I also have a germ of an idea thta's been brewing in my head on and off for a year. I'm hoping over the next few months that too, will come to fruition.
AND my winter project.....well, that's a secret right now, but it will definately incorporate my writing with my art.
So I'm off to new my very favorite time of year...the one that inspires a fresh start with my art.
Cheers to Nancy Baumiller and artists everywhere that inspire!


Nancy Baumiller said...

This piece is so beautiful! Yay! I lurve it as Judy Scott would say hehe...Excellent colours and love how it all came together...Im not sure what it needs..hmmmm..I am sure a title will come to you...Great to hear your journaling! So cool! I worry about copying others too...but you know its almost impossible...we take bits and pieces of inspriation from one another and incorporate them into something new...and your right! We all have our own visual voice. Thank you for your compliments Darcy! I am far from a pro...I just enjoy what I do and I think the art is the result of that enjoyment! I like that..Bluejude meets Zetti...Oh I can get my wording out the right way yet..derned pms lol...I think you know what Im saying lol This time of the month I know what I am trying to say it just comes out all "foot in mouth" hehe Keep up the great work! Im proud of you darlin! :)

BlueJude said...

Thanks nanc! You may not be so proud when I get my odd bluejude zetti piece up! lol