Sunday, September 10, 2006

Artist Bumper Stickers

These are my cool artist bumper stickers that I recently did up. They are now on sale at my Cafe Press Shop. They are not only great bumper stickers but great for notebooks, folders, etc. I especially like the "Get Even, Make Art" as I feel it is a good reminder for us all, that we should use our creative outlets as a healthy way of dealing with our emotions and what life can sometimes throw at us. In fact my daughter wants one for her school binder. If you would like to purchase one just go to
All proceeds will be going to my family to help us through this very dire time of financial need, as my husband has recently been laid off. I thank you for your support. Blessings to all, bluejude


Suzie Q said...

great bumper stickers! I wish you every success & hope that your circumstances improve very soon....
believe me when I say I know how it feels, and it's not nice :(

good luck with your sales!


windyangel said...

I too especially like "get even, make art".
Thanks for adding me to your blog. Good luck with your sales.

BlueJude said...

Yes blog links will be coming soon. Waiting on the assistance of my knowledgable son!

Nancy Baumiller said...

Awesome bumper stickers! I am going to try to get one of them soon! Not so sure hubby will let me stick it to his vehicle though lol...I love the one get even make art...everything is so right about that one! :D taking charge of your life! hehe On your is only temporary darlin...things will come together for you! I know with these bumper stickers that you got it in you to stick it out! :D On those links already have mind on here...just log into your blogger....go into your template...scroll down the window (has all the html code in it) go to where you see my link(the one for my blog) and then with the code you see just type exactly what you see below it and just change out the linkname and the name as you want it to show up on your blog itself...if you need help i can try to help you on that...once you do it is easy from there. Much love and hugs! If you need I can type you out a generic html