Wednesday, September 06, 2006


"Don't Believe In Miracles, Depend On Them.....Seeing is not always believing. You know much more than you understand. Have the vision to see invisible things."
That was a message from the Daily Guru and was posted on the Artella Group. Just right for starting my day. My family has been going through some turbulent times lately, and I have to remember to keep the faith.
I am looking forward to launching an Etsy shop soon, in hopes that it will bring me a little, much needed part-time income. Maybe that will be my miracle of the year! To be able to continue with my art and work from home. The job market in my small town is scarce and having three children to work around does not make it any easier. Thankfully the little guy went off to preschool without a fuss today. Now if only it could be that easy with the older two!
And yes, apparently miracles do exist, as my computer got all wiggy this morning and then I couldn't get into blogspot. After four trys and ready to give up, I finally got through. So I'm off to a great start in the blogging world! Finally set up an account and then they won't let me in!
And apparently there is a message on the screen that states "Saving and Publishing May Fail". Soooo, after all post may not even go through!
But on a happier note, I have been finishing up some small canvases that I have been working on, though it seems it's haopening at a snails pace. I so admire artists who can just whip things out. Most of the time, I work on a piece, and can only go so far until I have to put it aside and wait for it to speak to me. (Yes, I know how crazy that sounds) And only then am I able to finish it off.
I also have quite a collection of Altered Postcards that I have been working on. I used to work large, but that was not condusive to my scanner. And I never really got the hang of the ATC thing as that was much too small for me. But the postcard size seems just right. (I suddenly feel like Goldilocks in The Three Bears!) In fact, I am having a ball with these Altered Postcards and will soon share them here on BlueJude Musings. Unfortunately my time has run out for now and I must pick up the little guy from preschool. And then there's the housework and laundry and ohhhhh so many more exciting things to be done before I can sit down and play with my art!
Remember.....Believe In Miracles and Keep The Faith!
Oh and the above image is, of course, titled "Believe" and is the work of D.Altaville c.2006.
All rights reserved. And personally, I think if you copy or steal anyones images, you're just looking for some REALLY BAD karma. Okay, Happy Day all!


Lynnette April Over The Moon said...

Hi Darci. Enjoyed your art and interview about being an artist.
you've enterd the huge wonderful world of altered art.

Have fun with your blog, you'll meets lots of fun new people, mostly artists.

I'm Lynnette April if you have time visit my picturetrail at and my etsy shop
Over the past few years I've met some incredable artists and make quite a few yahoo art friends. Have fun and play, Lynnette April.

Nancy Baumiller said...

Im going to tell you what i suggested to Suzie ...Try setting a timer for 10 mins...have all your stuff you love to create with at hand...then go! No second guessing yourself...(thats where we get stuck..second guessing) the first idea that comes to mind is usually the best one to go try it and see what happens....its a great way to train yourself to be more free with your art...It works! Believe babe! Believe! :D Hugs and Love!

Tammy said...

Very cool!! Nice start to your new blog! Holler if I can help with blogging questions!

Tammy (from the AV list!)

BlueJude said...

Thanks All. Believe me I will holler at some time! lol I'm no puter techie.
And as far as the 10 minutes Nanc...I think I'd need a bit more time! lol

nettlefly said...

Hi, I came to visit your blog via Expression Village:)

I can so well relate to not being able to just make pieces in a second. Well, I am able to do that if I really have to, but most of the time I just have my projects lying around and the inspiration to work on them seems to be so evasive... I could use someone forcing me to work on things for at least a little while every day.

Anyhow, I just wanted to say hi. And this piece you posted, I love its colourfulness, colours always get my attention before anything else:)

take care,

debbie said...

Your BELIEVE is truly inspiring - good luck with your blog.
Don't worry about not "whipping out the canvasses" we each work at our own pace and it is not at all a reflection of skill do it faster - you are not washing dishes or making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich - you are creating art!
Looking forward to seeing more creations!!!!!!
Debbie Botnick

juliet said...

nice blog. and i like the colors in your work. i tend to be more in the earth tones a lot of the time. and it does NOT sound crazy to speak of waiting for a piece to talk to you and tell you wnat it needs. i think most artists would say the same thing.

via collatecats