Monday, September 18, 2006


"The Struggle To Juggle Art & Life"
by Darcy Altaville c.2006 all rights reserved

I must confess....I didn't do it! As for my aforementioned vow, to finish up my orphaned Sunday....well, it just couldn't be done. I tried, and I think they know that, as they are not staring me down today - but life just got in the way. I did make some great progress and got one completed AND I must say that I finally got my supplies reorganized, so there!! I did accomplish something constructive. And the supply thing was so getting out of hand. Papers, magazines, canvases, odds and ends, everywhere! Maybe that's why my little orphans were haunting me so. To be left alone in all that arty muck! But now I am organized and on my way! Look forward to more pieces coming on soon, as I continue the struggle to juggle art and life! Hope everyone is off to a great creative week, whatever your endeavor may be!


Nancy Baumiller said...

I love your piece! You will find a balance between art and life and will eventually merge into one. I am still trying to figure that out too. Just not enough hours in a day..I somewhat got my desk organized..but doesnt last long..I have scraps of paper bits all over my floor lol...Just never seems to stay clean for long! :D Hugs and love!

Suzie Q said...

This is brilliant, Darcy! It will strike a chord with all of us, I'm sure!
Congrats on the reorganisation, now can you come & have a go at mine?! hehe
Good Luck with finishing the rest of those poor unfinished projects! ;)

Have Fun!
Q xXx

StegArt said...

Oh Darcy, I love this. This design would make a great art stamp.

BlueJude said...

Thanks ladies. I actually did the drawing for the Mojo Doodle at the artellavision group. Am slowly making progress on my orphans. LOL
Cool idea about the art stamp.
Hmmm......great something else to think about! LOL

Nancy Baumiller said...

Hey Darcy! Check this out on Corrine's blog Have fun! :D

Nancy Baumiller said...

Terri is right that it would make a fabulous stamp! :D

BlueJude said...

couldn't get through at the addy nanc!