Monday, November 20, 2006

To Market....To Market.....

Okay, the bookmarks were great fun and apparently just what I needed. A little relaxing and methodical creativity. So, feeling somewhat refreshed, it was back to painting and collaging last night. Happy to say, that I finally just about finished up two pieces that have been laying around. Not sure if I'm happy with the results...but at least it's progress!
OH, and a friend was telling me about a local craft fair, held at a local church, that apparently is very popular and quite good. I don't usually notice these things, as I have always tended to think of craft fairs as places where they create crocheted tissue caddies and things like that. (And by all means, I don't want to sound like a snob, as I like crochet, and I do use a great deal of tissues!) But I usually don't put much credo into these things as a venue for marketing my own stuff. I think it might be time to change my perspective a bit. I realized I could have set up a little table with my cafe press samples and at least TRIED to gain some customers. Or I could have at least walked around and passed out some wonderful, promotional flyer leading them to my shops. Ahhhh, marketing. I love thinking up marketing ideas, but I guess I'm lazy when it comes to doing the heavy duty legwork. Unfortunately, I think that's it takes to get noticed. At least for some of us. So will have to work on that.
BUT speaking of marketing, I did get a pretty good press release off to the local papers regarding my shop. The guy I sent it to is someone I met at my son's preschool a couple of months ago. And I was actually smart enough (how about that! lol) at the time to mention my art and how I would like to promote it and my shops toward the holidays. So keep your fingers crossed and say your prayers that my little blurb makes it in!
And now I'm off to play Hot Wheels, have some lunch, and hopefully do some more painting.
Big Northeast hugs to all....brrrrr....old man winter is nipping at our heels! Cheers! And don't forget to get your turkey!!


Nancy Baumiller said...

We have a turkey now! Ya happy! LOL Sounds like your on the right track for marketing! Not an easy task! I don't bother around here..heck no one will talk to me LOL eh well! I wish you the best hun with all of it! Oh you know the thing I told you the other day...well it is a NO GO! @#)!@)- I hate it when people say one thing and then change the rules...a bit fishy to me! It was a nice dream anyway! Onto other things! :) Loves you and hugs!

BlueJude said...

Hang onto that dream nancy B! IT will happen.