Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lesson's Being Learned.....

"Cherish" Altered Postcard By Darcy Altaville c.2006
1. Don't let fear of ruining a piece immobilize you. I find this happening from time to time, and by the time I get over the fear, my initial inspration for the piece is gone.
2. Know thy limits and know when you are limitless! For years, I find myself doing art that always seems to want to grow off the page. I know the obvious solution to this is to work on bigger canvases (something hubby keeps bugging me about) but then I can't fit them in my scanner! (sigh!)
3. Don't bite off more than you can chew...or paint in this instance. I decided last night at the last minute that I would participate in a 4 x 4 collaboration. (Now mind you, this is the gal who just said that her work grows off the page!) Sooo....I cut out my little 4 x 4 square, sat there...with my sinus headache raging and 4 x 4, 4 x 4, 4 x 4, going through my head like a mantra...or like chinese torture! What the heck could I fit into that little square. Then OH!!! A revelation! I'll do FOUR 4 x 4' for each season. (And did I mention this is last minute and the project is due, like yesterday!). Needless to say, the sinus headache won out, tho I continued to work till 10:00 I only got halfway through two seasons, and even then, thought I might want to keep them.
Sooo....mission for today is to try and do just ONE 4 x 4!
4. DO NOT fall in love or get too attached to your artwork! Or you'll just end up with a bunch of pieces laying around and wondering why your art doesn't sell!
5. Do not walk into the living room and declare to your husband, "I think I'm slightly crazy!" As he will only give you a sideways glance, and try to keep from bursting into hysterics, and say something like..."You just realized this?"
6. Cherish who you are with all your idiosycricies and accept that you are just another crazy artist.


Anonymous said...

This is TOO TRUE! Good for you to put it in writing so you remember it when you need to! :) Lovely postcard, too! :)

Suzie Q said...

Brilliant post, Thanks Darcy! :) 'Just Another Crazy Artist' - perfect name for a blog!
Keep going, girl, you can do it! :)

Q xXx

Nancy Baumiller said...

Hey crazy is not a bad thing...Is there any other way to be? hehe Ive got a Christmas tree up dont I?! LOL The twinklie lights make me happy! :D Your doing fabulous darling! It will all come together! Much love and hugs!

windyangel said...

Thank you for sharing these lessons. Thank you for recognizing them yourself.
"Another crazy artist" - harumph. But of course!

Love you.

Anonymous said...

this is so hysterical, but also so true and very wise advice! you sound like me with the 4 x 4. I wish I liked doing atc's but they are too small. I've often wished I liked them cause they are small and you can get rid of them easily (trading, tucking in to a card, etc.) I hardly ever like what I make for more than 2 nano-seconds. That's why I keep making stuff. I move on to the next thing..I do keep the stuff in a little album though so it's out of the way...good think I still work
great post. thank you for sharing your art journey. I liked when you gave a prompt a while back, let me know if you do again. Sorry I wrote a book here...