Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday Blahs....

Well, like Tammy, I woke with the Monday Blahs. I guess it really started yesterday, when I felt a cold? coming on. I don't know why they call it a cold, as it sounds so ...well...tolerable and comfortable, when it is anything but. Ya know, wheezing, stuffy nose, sore throat. Surely there must be a better name. It's worse than a cold, but not really a flu. Whaddaya call somethin' like that? (besides stinkeroo!!)
AND, I think the cuprit was my daughter. I recently found out that she has been using my toothbrush the past week or so. AND guess who's home sick today from school? Yup, that's right, my sweet, darling daughter. The child who makes High Honor Roll but can't seem to remember what color HER toothbrush is!
Sooo, I'm hoping to get some energy at one point today and finish the bookmarks I started over the weekend., for my VAST group. I know- you're probably much energy does one need to create a bookmark? Okay, so it's not a high energy project, but my mind feels so clouded that I think it's shortwired my creative sparkplug- if you know what I mean.
But doing these bookmarks, has been fun and somewhat manageable around my four year old which is alway a plus. I will show you some pics when they are all done. (I know, you're hanging on the edge of your seat!)
Okay, I'm off for some Claritin and whatever else I can find. Hope you all are off to a healthy week! OH, and does anyone make a toothbrush that says "Hands Off!"?


Anonymous said...

Blah! No fun!! I hope you're starting to feel better! I am a bit better after a lazy, relaxed weekend.

(Ew... sharing toothbrushes! Silly girl! :) )

Nancy Baumiller said...

Oh honey! I hope you get over this crud soon! I agree with Tammy...ewww on the toothbrush thing...your toothbrush needs to state as the saying on cheezits...get your own...toothbrush lol God Bless you! Hugs! and Love!