Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Me...? Weird...?

Okay, having been tagged by Nancy B. to write nine weird things about I go!
1. I have driving neurosis. Don't drive on major highways, heavy snow or rain, or night.
2. I like my dishwasher loaded a particular way...all the time!
3. I hate cooking.
4. I kept my first son out of the supermarket for the first year of his life, for fear that something would fall on his little baby head!
5. I don't like weddings.
6. I MUST watch the Weather Channel every morning with my coffee. The hub will ask me an hour later what the weather is going to be and sometimes I don't have a clue! lol
7. I don't like summer.
8. I don't like sweets.
9. I am prone to anxiety attacks.
10. I could probably list more weird things!
And there you have it! Hope everyone has a weirdly good day!


Tanaya said...

no, you aren't weird at all.... these quirks are all just part of who you are and what we love about you!

windyangel said...

Anxiety attacks ~ that's not weird. I thought it was terribly normal.
Uh, you said you don't like sweets ~ I HOPE that doesn't include chocolate. Now THAT would be weird.

Love you.

BlueJude said...

No chocolate, cake, cookies or candy. MAYBE once a year. I might have some ice cream!
Thanks tanaya, sometimes the driving thing, drives my hub nuts! (And my kids) What can I say I grew up in MAnhattan for 30 years and I guess I'm just not a "driver".

Nancy Baumiller said...

I am not a sweet tooth either...I like a bit of chocolate once a month ;) I don't drive either..too nervous anymore..I too have anxiety attacks..Yup! we love you just the same! :D Hugs and Love

Suzie Q said...

What is it that makes us all anxious, I wonder? We all seem to have that in common...
Afraid I can't share in your dislike of sweets, though, Darcy! I would live on them if they had vitamins in them! Shame on me!
I love this weirdness thing, and am surprised at how un-weird you all are so far! I daren't get started! ;D
Have a great weekend, Darcy. Hope to see more posts from you soon...

Anonymous said...

Love getting to know you better through this! I think we all have neuroses like these!

monique said...

ok, you're driving thing? I have that EXACTLY. I don't think it's weird, although I must admit you are the *only* person I have ever run across that has the same driving issues I do LOL