Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What Do You Think?

The top one is called "Holding On" and the bottom one is called "Hanging By A Thread".
Two pieces that have been here for months, that I finally finished yesterday
and put up on etsy. I personally like them...a lot. Though they are yet another
departure from my usual. Don't ya think? to all critiques and opinions. (Of which I appreciate greatly by the way!)
Let 'em rip all!
Happy Happy Wednesday!


Garden Painter Art said...

Oh I love them both. The colors are like confetti! They have a little bit of a carnival feel, which always morbidly attracts me. I mean that in a good way! I have an ongoing series of circus dolls myself.

Keep up the good work.
Garden Painter Art

LadyTulip said...

~~ These make me wanna jump up and dance!! ~~ Very vibrant and fun. Makes me think of carnival - time!


BlueJude said...

Thanks you guys. It's been so quiet here...I think I'm starting to bore everyone to death! lol

turquoise cro said...

When I seeeeeee turquoise, it melts my heart! Sweet!!! Hey YOU! HAPPY week-end!!! ((((((bluejude))))) xoCinda

holly said...

they are groovy! I love the vibrant colours. They are so playful, I love them!

Lisa said...

Oh I love them. I do think they have that BlueJude look, which I adore. Something about your choice of colors and just the way they look together makes me happy.

I do love these particularly, and boy do I get the "hanging by a thread" thing. lol