Monday, April 30, 2007

SPRING and ArtWords

"Get Happy" D. Altaville c.2007
This was actually a special request piece I did for someone who has a shop on etsy called Check out her shop as she is another SAHM, trying to use her creative talents to bring in a part time income.
Sure does shout Spring...dontcha think? is a beautiful day here and I think I will be putting in my own Gerber Daisies this afternoon along with some Nasturtiums.
Life has been up and down here. Hub is still out of work, and I am on my usual emotional rollercoaster. I'll spare you the details and just say that I am trying to keep the faith and putting a lot in God's hands. And trying to keep an attitude of gratitude.
AND speaking of gratitude, I want to thank Sewing Simple on etsy for featuring me and my shop on her blog. See the post below. And by all means check out her shop.
She offers custom designs for very trendy clothes and accessories!
AND I also want to thank Groovy Vinyl on etsy for doing a feature on me at her blog here:
Groovy Vinyl is a very appropo name as the gal designs jewelry from old vinyl records!!
How cool is that! Well, find out for yourself and go to her shop on etsy. You will be amazed at what she does!
So now that I've given you plenty to I'm off to do some Spring cleaning!
Happy Day all! And please support artists on etsy when you are doing a little shopping!


turquoise cro said...

HAPPY WEEK! to YOU and YOURS too sweets!!!! xoxoooxox, Cinda ps. YOU've just INSPIRED me to plant some cosmos!!! Yayyy!!!

Terri said...

Thanks so much for mentioning me here :D Congrats on your other feature too!

katie said...

this piece bursts with springtime energy, i love it!
enjoy the beautiful day...

Self Taught Artist said...

this is very warholesque in a happy spring way!

Maija said...

Great interview...way coolfor you!

HMBT said...

It'll get better...look how beautiful you ae inside and out, keep working and it'll turn around for you and your hubby. I feel change heading your ready for it! Great spring work...just know I am sending you a ton of love and good vibes...your family are in my "get busy with it universe!" prayers! Many blessings.

Garden Painter Art said...


I love this new piece. But, you know, I love all of your work!

Hang in there. Life as an artist sure can be tough sometims, can't it? I wonder, if things were perfect for us, smooth as silk with no bumps in the road, what would our art look like? Would we even have the craving to create?

Nevertheless, above all, I do hope that your husband finds employment very soon. I have "been there, done that". My husband was laid off several years ago, and it was terrible. BUT... we survived and we're all the more stronger for it.

Keep creating!
Garden Painter Art

Gypsy Purple said...

Lovely...and thanks for her link!!